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180th Anniversary of Liberation of Hong Kong 紀念香港解放一百八十周年. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Most Hongkongers are grateful to Great Britain for liberating Hong Kong from the brutal, colonial rule of the Machurian Qing Dynasty on 26 January 1841. Today, a number of UK Parliamentarians celebrated the 180 anniversary of the founding of modern civilized Hong Kong. Before 1841, the Manchurian Court had literally treated the Han people as slaves while Ng Choy 伍廷芳 became the first ethnic Chinese Unofficial member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in 1880, less than 30 years after Britain's taking over of Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Communist China is 100 times more atrocious than the Manchurian Empire, and the CCP regards Hongkongers as the remnants of British Hong Kong and running dogs of the U.S., meant to be purged and maybe exterminated.

Hong Kong is also closely related to America. The U.S. Perry Expedition (1853-54) to the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan went through Hong Kong. Hong Kong-American kungfu master Bruce Lee (1940-1973) developed Jeet Kune Do, the "Be Water" strategy of which has been inherited by Hong Kong protesters, notably in the Hong Kong Time Revolution (2019- ).

Note: This article has been inspired by Martin Oei's 2021-1-26 video.

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