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香港少年劉康出書抗暴17-yr-old Laus's New Book as Resistance against China。曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

劉康十七嵗,公大學生,香港效益主義黨主席,舊年曾因藏玩具槍而被拘押三周,聲稱遭到不人道待遇,後上訴得直。雖見獨派陳浩天八月廿九被克警拉,仍不放棄港獨主張;雖聞黃之鋒八月三十被捕,依舊無懼政治迫害。 《輕論時政》 總共幾萬字,為其處女作,師法 John Locke、John Stuart Mill 、尼釆等哲學家,例如John Locke主張政府須得國民授權方可統治他們。本書得林榮基、黃之鋒等作序。劉書贊成今年七一佔領立法會;反對送中條例、國歌法、大嶼人工島計劃等。香港少年劉康出書抗暴。 

Honcques Laus is a seventeen-year-old Hong Kong teenager who was put on trial last year for possession of a toy gun. He's now a student of the HK Open University and Chair of Hong Kong Utilitarian Party. His new book, A Brief Analysis of Contemporary Politics, is inspired by John Locke, Stuart Mill and Nietzsche. The book supports the July 1 Storming of the HK Legislative Council, and opposes the Extradition Law, the National Anthem Law and the Lantau Island Artificial Island Project, etc. Although Joshua Wong and Andy Chan have just been arrested, Laus still insists on his Hong Kong Independence advocacy fearlessly.

Pic credit: Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

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