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逆權律師:如法庭受衝擊,應譴責政府!Frontline HK Lawyer: Should the Court be Stormed, Condemn Govt! By Chapman Chen

八月七號香港律師黑衣遊行,抗議律政司濫告。 其中有幪面律師話:「我已經唔識得點樣畀法律意見,皆因政權無視法律;香港法律經已無有效保障個人基本人權!香港警察經已由無差別打人,發展到無差別 拉人。繼警察被政權擺上枱,如今輪到法庭被政權擺上枱。我唔鼓勵衝擊法庭,亦都唔希望見到。但有日法庭受到衝擊,香港人請勿譴責衝擊的人,應該譴責麻木不仁的政府!” On August 7, during a march of several thousand Hong Kong lawyers clad in black in protest of political prosecution, a voluntary independent frontline lawyer wearing a mask said, "I neither encourage people to storm the court nor wish to see it happen, but one day, should the court be stormed, condemn not the attackers but the indifferent and callous government." The lawyer pointed out that the HK Police Force "has evolved from indiscriminately hitting people to indiscriminately arresting people." Consequently, "I no longer know how to give legal advice, for the ruling regime ignores the law, and Hong Kong law can no longer effectively protect individuals' basic human rights." "After putting the police on the spot," he warned, "the ruling regime is now placing the court on the spot."

Pic credit: Stand News

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