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美國獨立革命、香港時代革命皆因反引渡惡法!By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews



香港政府二零一九年二月提出引渡條例草案(《逃犯條例修正案》),可用以將任何踏足香港的人送到中國審判。由於中國司法制度志在服務納粹中共,該法案二零一九年六月激發香港時代革命,目前仍在進行。其實,借用參議員馬可·盧比奧(Marco Rubio)的話,時代革命目標經超越撤回送中惡法,變成要求「真自治」。

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Extradition Law Triggered both American Revolution & Hong Kong Time Revolution!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Both the 1776 American Independence Revolution and the 2019 Hong Kong Time Revolution can be said to have been triggered off by an extradition bill, in America's case, the Administration of Justice Act, in Hong Kong's case, Amendments to Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. (By Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

One of the 27 grievances contained in the US Declaration of Independence is "For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses", referring to the Administration of Justice Act, which provided that any defendant accused of murder or even impeding the revenue laws in the slightest degree might be transferred to Great Britain for trial. It was one of the Intolerable Acts passed by the British Parliament in 1774 to punish the American colonists for their defiance in the Tea Party protest in reaction to changes in taxation by the British to the detriment of colonial goods. These acts helped unite colonists in the American Independence Revolution against the British Government.

In February 2019, the Hong Kong Government proposed the Extradition Bill (Amendments to Fugitive Offenders Ordinance), which can be used to transfer anyone who sets foot on Hong Kong soil to the Chinese Mainland for trial. As the Judicial system in China is meant to serve the interests of the Nazi-like Chinese Communist Party, the bill ignited the Hong Kong Time Revolution in June 2019, which is still going on right now. Actually, the goal of the revolution has gone beyond withdrawal of the Extradition Law to "real autonomy", to borrow Senator Marco Rubio's words.

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