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美國獨眼龍議員撐港人勇武抗爭Rep Dan Crenshaw Supports Hong Kong's Anti-CCP Combat. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國眾議員Dan Crenshaw,八月十四推特貼文:「香港是極權統治與自由民主的現代鬥爭。示威者面對中國獨裁政權,無懼暴力,勇武抗爭。他們提醒我們美國人何以要重視美國的自由;香港人為自由博命,我們好應該站在他們那一邊。」

Dan Crenshaw,美國共和黨眾議員,退休中尉指揮官,前海軍海豹突擊隊員,一二年駐阿富汗時炸盲右眼。

Dan Crenshaw tweeted on Aug. 14:Hong Kong is a modern-day struggle between tyrannical rule and free democracy. Protesters stand bravely in the face of violence to combat China’s authoritarian regime. They remind us why we value our freedom in America, and should stand by their side as they fight for theirs.

Dan Crenshaw, U.S.A. Congressman (Republican) from Texas and U.S. Navy Seal team veteran. He lost his right eye when stationed in Afghanistan in 2012.

Pic credit: Fox News

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