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美國牧師:被五毛斬緣何不自衛?US Pastor Bob Kraft:UK & China Brainwash People to Waive Self-Defense.By Chapman Chen

昨晚將軍澳,連接厚德、景林隧道內,三位後生學生夜守連儂牆,被兇徒追斬,兇徒講中共胡語,事後施施然鬆人,逍遙法外。美國牧師兼退伍軍人卜嘉夫Bob Kraft深受震撼,認為港人被英國及中國殖民洗腦,事事靠克警,殊不知自衛天經地義 。(按:香港當廢除公安惡法,法律以全民重新定立的憲法為依歸,訂明全民持槍自衛權):



Pic credit: 網絡截圖

Hong Kong-American Pastor Bob Kraft on Last Night's Tseung Kwan O Freedom Wall Knife Attack:

I am deeply impacted. Apparently, the attacker spoke the communist china language, walked away with no resistance and is at large.

Without people being taught it is correct to have self-defense or to give them the tools to do so (USA 2nd Amendment on the Constitutional right to own arms) people will continue to be much like sheep being lead to be slaughtered. This is a typical england and communist china approach to relying upon government security to maintain control over the population as opposed to individual self-protection.

A situation such as occurred would have been solved in the USA by a bystander, as the children were apparently under 18 years old, to have a weapon such as a concealed or not concealed pistol and shot the attacker dead or otherwise. Knife attack ends. - That is self-protection.

communism is evil.

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