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美國旗勇士心聲 What a Hong Kong Protester with a USA Flag Thinks. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

今日(八月三日),香港大批示威人士由旺角遊行至尖沙嘴,有後生男勇士揮美國旗。記者問:為何舉美國旗?勇士答:這面旗代表自由民主正義,記者問:有無人話你勾結外國勢力?勇士答:無人指使我。記者問:怕唔怕揸美國旗會被警察毆多幾棍?勇士答:死都唔驚,何況被克警毆多幾棍!On Aug. 3, a large group of Hong Kong dissidents marched from Mongkok to Tsim Sha Tsui protesting for universal suffrage and against police brutality. A young male therein was waving an American flag. When asked why he should hold it, the young man replied, "This flag represents freedom, democracy and righteousness." When asked whether anybody had accused him of colluding with foreign forces, he said, "No one has put me up to it." When asked if he was worried that he would be hit even harder by the HK Police for holding such a flag, the dissident asserted, "I fear not even death, let alone being hit harder by the dirty cops!"

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