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美國政論家不覺要求港獨會令香港失去國際支持 Anders Corr Doesn't Think Independence Demand will Make HK Lose Intl Support

美國國家安全分析師安德斯‧哥雅博士Dr. Anders Corr十月七日推特貼文:我不認為要求香港獨立會令香港失去國際支持。 美、英大使館是否反對港獨?就算他們反港獨,都係為了盡量尋求和平解決方法。但這缺乏遠見。 對於那些熱愛民主的人,香港不獨根本並非治本方案,皆因中國會逐漸吞噬香港,又或者在二零四七一次過完全佔領,並利用香港對付自由世界;任何贏得的民主自由都將付諸東流。 台灣不獨已是失敗的主張,只因隨著中國實力增強,台灣逐漸失去全球盟友。 中國話台灣係不聽話的省,時常要出兵統一。台灣和香港都需要完全主權獨立,在聯合國獲得國際承認,以便在可預見的未來,保障民主自由。

安德斯‧哥雅博士Anders Corr,哈佛大學博士,曾在美國軍事情報機關工作超過五年。

(Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports)

Anders Corr (2019-10-7) tweets: "I don't think the demand for 'independence' will lose #HongKong international supporters. Are the US and UK embassies advocating against independence as a demand? If so, they are doing so in order to maximize the likelihood of a peaceful solution. But this would be short-sighted. Non-independence is no solution at all for those who love democracy because China will gradually absorb #HK, or take it all at once in 2047, and use it against the world. Any democratic freedoms won will be lost. Non-independence for #Taiwan has been a losing proposition because it gradually loses global allies as China's power grows. China threatens to invade it as a wayward province. Full sovereignty, independence and international recognition is needed for both Taiwan and HongKong at the UN in order to guarantee democratic freedoms into the foreseeable future."

Pic credit: Anders Corr

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