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美國政論名家:Twitter禁中共影響絕非妨礙言論自由 Anders Corr Praises Twitter for Curbing CCP Propaganda. By Chapman Chen

Twitter及其總裁Jack Dorsey八月十九日勇武根除中國黨國對其網站的影響,包括 刪除超過廿萬中國支持的垃圾賬戶,禁止中國官方媒體廣告,無懼失去幾十億美元廣告收入。有人或視禁制中國影響為妨礙言論自由,但美國政論名家論證Anders Carr博士認為Twitter此舉其實大力支持言論自由原則。「用受控制的中國輿論和納稅人金錢,對付香港或其他地方的真言論自由,絕非服膺言論自由。受控言論,受到中共強制,威迫利誘,毫不民主,並非自由。」Twitter「好人有好報Doing right is doing well」,股價上漲二點八巴仙,但Carr話其事先不可能知道。

Anders Corr指出,Twitter言論自由立場勇敢開明,所冒風險巨大,影響其底線,即利潤。「舊年,中國廣告商為Facebook貢獻約五十億美元收入,約佔公司總收入一成。 Facebook並無新政策針對中國國企廣告商,但Twitter就首當其衝。」

Anders Corr強調Twitter值得大家祝賀,加倍支持。「Twitter確實在全球支持民主人權,正處於支持言論自由的最前線。」

Dr. Anders Corr: Twitter took a remarkably courageous and enlightened stand on freedom of speech on Aug. 19. While some may see a ban of China’s influence operations as counter to free speech, it is actually a ringing endorsement of the principle. In no way is freedom of speech served by using controlled Chinese opinion and taxpayer money against truly free speech in Hong Kong or beyond. Controlled speech is not free but coerced through taxation without representation. It is speech under the duress of incentives and disincentives imposed by the CCP.

Source: Anders Corr, "Praise Twitter for banning China's dark arts", 2019-8-22 UCANews.

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