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美參議員盧比奧譴責中共策動元朗西鐵恐襲US Sen. Marco Rubio Condemns China for Staging Yuen Long Rampage. By Chapman Chen

美國參議員盧比奧七月廿三日在其youtube頻道譴責中共策動元朗西鐵恐襲:「中國一直有系統削弱香港民主自由。 香港人終於忍無可忍,開始示威抗議。中共的回應似乎係基本授權街頭爛仔,有組織犯罪暴徒,惡意襲擊示威者。 不單示威者,就連西鐵站周圍的人都遭殃。 由此可見中國政府何等模樣,他們指使暴徒罪犯迫害無辜平民,打殘他們。我們應該譴責中共,全世界都應該譴責中共。大家如今可以見到中國政府,中國共產黨的真正本質。」

China has been systematically chipping away at Hong Kong's freedom, at Hong Kong's democracy, at its system of government. And the people are finally fed up, and they started protesting and their response is that it appears the Chinese government basically empowered these street gangs, these thugs associated with organized crime to viciously attack these protesters. And not just these protesters, but whoever was standing around this train station. It gives you great insight into the type of government that we are dealing with in the mainland of China -- People that empower thugs and criminals and gangsters to go after innocent people and beat them the way they did. We should be condemning it but the whole world should be condemning it. They can now see the true Nature of that government, of the Communist Party of China.

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