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突發有片!灣仔法院保安報警嚴打美港牧師美國旗!US HK Pastor Bob Kraft's USA Flag Targeted Again! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

今日(八月六)下午一時左右,香港美國牧師卜卡夫Bob Kraft正站在灣仔區法院大樓外石級上,該處保安負責人對其手中美國旗說「不!」,並打電話報警。 警察來查牧師香港身份證。 牧師問其法律依據。 警察聲稱根據入境條例。 警察檢查過牧師身份後,證實卜卡夫站在該處合法。

卡牧師告訴本報:「灣仔法院保安前後報警投訴我揸美國旗五次之多,對任何不斷報警要拉我的人,我下次會實行公民逮捕,皆因他們浪費警力。」事發時,牧師正要去美國總領事館投訴八月四日西環中聯辦外, 被香港警方以用假香港身份證罪名錯誤逮捕,剝奪他通知美國領事館和律師的人權,並沒收他的美國旗。

Around 1pm today (Aug. 6), when Hong Kong American Pastor Bob Kraft was standing on the steps outside Wan Chai District Court Tower, the security head there said "NO!" to the American Flag he was holding, and called the police. The police came and asked for the pastor's id. He asked for the legal basis of their demand. They claimed it was according to the Immigration Law. After checking his id., the police confirmed that it was legal for Kraft to stand there.

"I will make a citizen's arrest of the security guard or whoever keeps calling the police on me, for tis abuse of police resources," Kraft told HKBNews. When the above happened, Kraft was on his way to make a complaint to the US Consulate General about his false arrest on Aug. 4 by the HK Police outside China's Liaison Office in West Point for using an invalid HK id card, his denials of USA Consulate notification and local lawyer contact, and confiscation of his USA flag while under arrest.


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