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特朗普總統:廿五巴仙關稅僅為頭盤;主菜係四十五巴仙! Trump: 25% is just the Beginning! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

特朗普一一年拉斯維加斯講詞:你同中國講:「唔好意思,我地會收你地的貨廿五巴仙稅」,佢地會話:「幾時?」 我會答:「不如就今晚哩?」係人都知佢地經常揾我地笨。 人人都知道發生咩事。 係人都知佢地在操縱貨幣。 我地會收廿五巴仙稅。 但基於佢地操縱得好犀利,實數應該係四十五巴仙。 就收住廿五先啦;橫踮隨時都可以再加。 如果我參選,又如果選到,我地國家會重新豐盛,美國會再次強大。

Donald Trump's 2011 Speech in Las Vegas: When you say to China, "I am sorry, we are going to put a 25% tax on your products," they will say, "When?" I'd say, "How about this evening?" Everybody knows they are abusing us. Everybody knows what's going on. Everybody knows they're manipulating their currency. We are gonna charge 25%. Now the real number based on their manipulation is so severe that it should be 45%. Let's start with 25. We can always raise it. If I run and if I win, we will have a rich country again, we will have a great country again.

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