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特朗普總統暗示要世貿對付中國!Pres Trump Wants to Stop "China" Cheating WTO. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國總統特朗普七月廿七推特貼文:「全球最富裕國家聲稱自己是發展中國家,避免世貿規則,獲得特殊待遇,就會攪到世貿破產。 唔可以再係咁!!!我今日經已指示美國貿易代表採取行動,制止該等國家繼續欺騙制度,損害美國利益!」

President Donald Trump: The WTO is BROKEN when the world’s RICHEST countries claim to be developing countries to avoid WTO rules and get special treatment. NO more!!! Today I directed the U.S. Trade Representative to take action so that countries stop CHEATING the system at the expense of the USA!

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