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抗爭者歡迎港鐵自毀設施Hong Kong Protesters Welcome MTR Co. to Sabotage its Own Facilities. By Chapman Chen

連登傳聞所有港鐵站被破壞的設施全部都是克警臥底做的,志在嫁禍抗爭者,然而,本報訪問過三十位抗爭者,他們都歡迎港鐵帶頭攬炒,串連克警自行打爛所有設施,最好長期封站,癱瘓交通,費事義士以身犯險,慳返好多功夫。再者,睇返相關新聞片,破壞港鐵設施的有大隻佬,亦有瘦弱少年,瘦弱少年大概並非克警。It is rumored that all vandalizations of Hong Kong MTR stations were done by police moles in order to frame up protesters. However, HKBNews has interviewed 30 protesters. They all welcome The MTR Corporation to collude with the police and break into pieces all their facilities as this will save a lot of efforts and risks on the part of the activists. Also, scrutinizing related news videos, those who vandalized the MTR included both heavily built guys and emaciated youngsters. The latter are unlikely to be undercover officers.

Pic credit: AP photo

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