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應承五大訴求收你皮!How the 5 Demands may be Granted to Fool Hongkongers!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

坊間傳聞中國會應承香港五大訴求,應該係吹水。但中國一旦應承五大訴求,例如委任表面中立暗底親共法官成立獨立調查委員會,就可令港豬三呼萬歲,解散時代革命,然後加強換血殖民, 秋後算帳,最終收香港人的皮。如今香港人要的,正如美國參議員Marco Rubio同Nancy Pelosi 正確指出,其實係真正自治自由,經已超越五大訴求。 中共永遠不會畀香港自治自由,事關自治自由即是獨立自主。九二六林鄭對話會,講明「香港自治就唔會係一國兩制。」以下為老共可如何利用五大訴求禍港,香港同胞,切勿上當!

第一 成立獨立調查委員會 委任表面黃絲、暗底藍絲,退休法官率領獨立調查委員會, 做戲查佢三五年, 就乜鬼革命民氣都無哂啦!

第二 林鄭下台 即刻雙普選。 唐英年奉命接替林鄭做特首, 港豬歡呼習總萬歲,點知唐英年重聽話過林鄭。 即時雙普選,但要由選舉主任根據基本法篩選參選者,例如曾經嗌光復香港時代革命口號, 就係違反基本法一國兩制, 必須褫奪政治權利終身!

第三撤回送中惡法。經已 正式撤回, 但代之以更加惡毒的緊急法!

第四,撤回暴動定性。 特首撤回六一二甚至成個時代革命暴動定性,但律政處係獨立部門, 可以另行檢控。

第五,撤銷示威被捕者控罪。克警可以上演捉放曹, 秋後算帳。

China may as well fool Hongkongers and disperse the Hong Kong Time Revolution by granting the 5 demands of them, e.g, by appointing an outwardly fair-minded but inwardly pro-CCP retired judge to head an independent commission of inquiry into police brutality. As rightly put by Senator Marco Rubio, "What began as a protest against an unjust extradition bill backed by China has now become a fight for Hong Kong’s autonomy and future." What most Hongkongers in fact desire and "deserve" is "real autonomy" -- to borrow Senator Nancy Pelosi's words -- i.e. freedom from China colonization, which Beijing will never grant, for it implies independence or separatism. What follows shows how the 5 demands can easily be met at the expense of true Hongkongers:

1. Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police brutality and Replacement of Carrie Lam: The HK Government may appoint an outwardly fair-minded but inwardly pro-CCP retired judge to head the commission. The inquiry is supposed to last 3 to 5 years. By then, all momentum of the current revolution will have been gone. Beijing may appoint Henry Tong to take the place of Carrie Lam, and Tong may turn to be even more subservient to Xi Jinping than Lam.

2. Implementation of Universal Suffrage for Legislative Council & Chief Executive Elections: This can also be done, provided that any eligible candidate has to be a supporter of the Basic Law, and his/her eligibility shall be determined by the returning officers appointed by the Electoral Affairs Commission as it is now. For example, anyone who has ever shouted the slogan, "Free Hong Kong; Revolution now," must have the intention to overthrow the Hong Kong Government and has thus violated the Basic Law. Candidates like this shall be disqualified.

3. Complete Withdrawal of the Extradition Bill: This has already been done, except that it is now replaced by the Emergency Regulations Ordinance invoked by Carrie Lam in enacting the Anti-Mask Law.

4. Retraction of the "riot" characterisation: The Chief Executive may retract it, but the Department of Justice, as an independent department, may still treat the anti-extradition-law movement as a riot.

5. Release and exoneration of arrested protesters: They may be released tentatively and arrested later on again for different charges.

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