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對任何病痛的終極療癒,無論生理定心理。Dr. Chapman Chen曾焯文譯

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

尿 = 超濾血清 = 永保青春健康的仙藥。


如何? 血通過肝臟時,所有毒素都會去除(排便釋出)。 剩下的乾淨血液經腎過濾。 因此,所有額外的酵素、礦物質、維生素、水以及身體暫時用不着的其他寶物,共同形成一種超級無菌純淨溶液,即是尿。

Ultimate Remedy to any issue whether it is physical or mental

Plasma ultrafiltrate = The elixir of youth and eternal health.

Urine is sacred liquid -- Pure Gold created by our perfect divine vessels.

How? When our blood passes through the liver, all the toxins get removed (they get after released during bowel movements). The CLEAN blood that remains goes through a filtering process in our kidneys. So all the extra enzymes, minerals, vitamins, water and other magic that is not usable at the moment for our bodies create a super sterile and pure solution that is our URINE.

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