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四億五千萬美元比特幣轉移費僅廿五美仙!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

一月二十日, 成五萬一千個比特幣,價值近四億五千萬美元,以低於廿五美仙的交易費轉讓,比率為0.00000005%。 表明比特幣如今的價值大大低估,遲早升到每個幾百萬美元。


On Jan 20, a whale-sized amount of 51,511 bitcoins, worth almost USD 450 million, was transferred for a transaction fee of under 25 cents, an astonishing rate of 0.00000005%. This shows how undervalued bitcoin is. It should be worth millions of dollars per bitcoin, and sooner or later this will become reality.

The transaction was included in block 613644, and a total amount of 51,511.81741968 was moved. At the time the block was mined, the bitcoin price was $8680.51, meaning $447.15 million of value was transferred.

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