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六一二肺癌老吳西環被警扑頭再次拘捕!Cancer III Old Ng Assaulted & Arrested Again by Hong Kong Police ! By Chapman Chen

肺癌三期近六張老吳今早凌晨時分,在西環示威現場,被警察扑頭,以非法集結罪名,再次逮捕!今在伊院羈留病房。老吳六一二在金鐘示威現場手無寸鐵,獨自痛罵警察,結果被速龍小隊用橡膠子彈射腹,拳打腳踢拘捕,後踢保成功。Lung cancer III patient Old Ng was hit by the Hong Kong Police in the head with baton, and arrested again in the small hours of this morning (Aug. 5) for illegal assembly in West Point of the HK Island during a protest for universal suffrage and against the Extradition Law. He is now in the custody ward of Queen Elizabeth Hospital. On June 12, Old Ng was shot in the belly with rubber bullets by a Special Tactical Squad who spoke Putonghua, further punched and kicked, and arrested for illegal assembly. Subsequently, he refused to be bailed and was released. Old Ng is a retired construction site skills instructor around sixty years old.

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