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兩國際律師會警告香港引渡法侵人權Int'l Bar Assns Warn about Extradition Law Violating HK Human Rights.By Chapman Chen

Schona Jolly QC

六月十一日,英國律師協會人權委員會BHRC主席御用大律師Schona Jolly QC和國際律師協會人權研究所IBAHRI主任御用大律師男爵夫人Helena Kennedy QC對香港引渡條例發表聯合聲明: 「BHRC和IBAHRI都認為,香港引渡法修訂案,擴大目前對中國大陸的引渡安排,可能引入任意評估,或將導致移交的人面臨真實嚴重風險,令其人權遭到侵犯。」

On 11 June 2019, the UK Bar Human Rights Committee Chair Schona Jolly QC and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute Director Baroness Helena Kennedy QC issued a joint statement.

They said: “Both BHRC and IBAHRI consider that the proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition law, which will broaden the current extradition arrangements to Mainland China and introduce potentially arbitrary assessments, is likely to have the effect that individuals surrendered are at real and serious risk of their human rights being violated.”

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