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倫敦香港監察譴責平安夜港警暴行Hong Kong Watch Condemns X'mas Eve Police Brutality. Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews

倫敦人權組織香港監察Hong Kong Watch出聲明譴責平安夜香港警察的野蠻行為,呼籲即刻進行國際獨立調查、實施麥列斯基Magnitsky Act制裁:



香港監察創辦人兼主席羅傑斯(Benedict Rogers)道:


Hong Kong Watch Statement: Hong Kong Watch Condemns Christmas Eve Police Brutality And Calls For Immediate International Independent Inquiry And Targeted Magnitsky Sanctions

Hong Kong Watch is appalled by the police brutality unleashed on peaceful shoppers and protesters celebrating Christmas Eve in Hong Kong earlier today.

Widespread reports of beatings, firing rubber bullets at people’s heads and faces (in clear breach of international norms), indiscriminate use of teargas and water cannon against largely peaceful crowds celebrating Christmas in Tsim Sha Tsui and other areas represent yet another example of the escalating human rights crisis in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Watch’s co-founder and Chairman, Benedict Rogers, said:

“Hong Kong witnessed truly outrageous police brutality on Christmas Eve. Are Hong Kongers now not even allowed to gather to celebrate Christmas peacefully, to shop and sing carols? The level of violence in Hong Kong has reached such severe and sustained levels that an international, independent inquiry should be urgently established.”

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