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「老共」報警 美港牧師中聯辦外含冤被捕 US HK Ptr Bob Kraft Falsely Arrested after a Commie's Complaint.By Chapman Chen

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

八月四日下午,美國退伍軍人兼香港永久居民卜卡夫牧師Bob Kraft,全副美軍制服,舉美國旗,坐在中聯辦外,一名講普通話男子(卡夫認為係「老共」)在他面前大叫「中國共產黨萬歲」,並且報警。警察由中聯辦出來,要求提供牧師出示香港身份證,牧師問警察是否懷疑其犯法,警察話無,但根據入境條例要牧師證明身份。一名便衣男子(牧師懷疑他是中聯辦的人),打了好多電話後,聲稱卡夫身份證無效,指示警察逮捕卡夫,並沒收其美國旗。


與此同時,上面提到的普通話「老共」正在隔籬花糟上放標語牌,上面寫住“Fxxk off USA”。牧師對警道:「為公平起見,你都應該查佢身份證喎。」警察視若無睹。


一名督察隨後逮捕牧師,但無警誡他有保持緘默的權利。牧師押到西營盤警署,不獲准打電話畀美國總領事館同律師。 兩小時後,警察告訴卡夫,逮捕係一場錯誤會,向他道歉,將其釋放。





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US Pastor Bob Kraft Falsely Arrested in Hong Kong after a "Commie"'s Complaint. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On Aug 4 afternoon, when Pastor Bob Kraft, an US veteran and a permanent Hong Kong resident, was sitting, in US military uniform with his American flag, outside Beijing's Liaison Office in HK, a Putonghua-speaking man, whom Kraft deemed a "commie", shouted "Long Live the CCP" before him, and reported to the police on him. The Police then asked for Kraft's HK ID card, which was produced by him after the police confirmed he did not commit any crime. Upon making phone calls, a man in plain clothes, whom the pastor suspected was from the Liaison Office, alleged that Kraft's id was invalid and instructed the police to arrest Kraft and confiscate his USA flag.

HK Police Looked the Way while a China Man was "Fxxking" USA

Meanwhile, the Putonghua-speaking "commie" aforementioned was placing a placard which read "Fxxk off USA" on a planter right next to Kraft and the cops. "To be fair, you should check his id, too," the Pastor complained to the police, who, however, ignored him.

Arrested without a Caution

An inspector then arrested Kraft without cautioning him. He was escorted to the Western Police Station, where he was denied the opportunity to call his lawyer and the US Consulate General. 2 hours later, the police told Kraft that the arrest was a mistake, apologized to him, and released him.

Complaint about Denials of USA Consulate Notification

On August 6, Pastor Bob Kraft went to the US Consulate General and launched a complaint about this false arrest, his denials of USA Consulate notification and local lawyer contact and confiscation of his USA flag while under arrest.

US Consulate General's Reply

In reply to HKBNews' inquiry about Kraft's case, The US Consulate General Spokesperson said on August 6, "The safety of American citizens is the Consulate General’s highest priority. We cannot comment on this particular case due to privacy laws."

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