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Classy Japan-model Suzuko Hirano Upgrading her Gear for Oct 1 National Day of China. By Chapman Chen

On September 13, classy, graceful Japanese model Suzuko Hirano, who supports the Hong Kong Time Revolution, asserted on Fb, "something will surely happen before the October 1st National Day of China in HK. In preparation for that, I will upgrade my gear and go." In fact, she disclosed that she carried a testament with her when she went to the frontline in HK early this month, where the tear gas was more offensive than she had thought and the bean bag shots were flying. Meanw

美國記者新書芬太尼撐美中鴉片戰爭?Ben Westhoff's New Book Justifies US Opium War. By Chapman Chen

美國資深記者威斯荷夫Ben Westhoff新書芬太尼公司Fentanyl, Inc. 證實中國補貼 芬太尼廠商,獎勵當化學藥品出口美國。是書為特朗普總統向中國發動第三次鴉片戰爭,提供堅實基礎。 特朗普八月廿三號推文: 芬太尼年年害死美國同胞十萬人, 習總話會截停但根本無停過。 我今下令所有郵遞公司,包括Fed Ex、 亞馬遜 UPS同郵政局,搜尋拒運所有中國芬太尼!第一次鴉片戰爭,清朝割香港畀英國;第三次鴉片戰爭,香港的命運又會如何? 中國亡美之心不死 對比一八三八年,林則徐上書道光皇帝,力陳鴉片毒害,「數十年之後,中原幾無可禦敵之兵,且無可充餉銀。」一八三九年,林則徐奉旨「虎門銷煙」。分別乃係當年大英向中原輸出鴉片,林則徐毫無文明法治精神,「人即正法,貨物入官」,而英國赴華通商,普遍遇屈受阻,因此兩次發動鴉片戰爭;今日中國向美國輸出類鴉片,毒害國民,而且貿易不平衡,掠奪萬億美元多年,更兼全面滲透美國,圖謀不軌。特朗普總統勵精圖治,除惡務盡,類鴉片正是出兵反共的正當理由! 芬太尼勁過海洛英五十倍 威斯荷夫用了四年時間, 冒生命危險, 深入中國芬

Full Moon for Hong Kong Time Revolution! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

時代革命,蟾宮折桂,人月團圓,香港重光!The Harvest Moon in September symbolizes the strength, climax and victory of the Hong Kong Time Revolution. HKBNews would like to wish everybody a Happy Reunion at Mid-Autumn Festival! FB link: Web link: Pic credit: Internet photo #midautumnfestival #fullmoon #chapmanchen #

Is "Glory to Hong Kong" Blasphemous? 願榮光歸香港褻瀆神明?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"Glory to Hong Kong願榮光歸香港 ", the popular new "national anthem" of Hong Kong, has made its way to "Time". Some critics, like HK American Pastor Bob Kraft, opine that "Glory to Hong Kong", which is the title of the song as well as its last line, is blasphemous as Glory is due to God the Lord only. I suggest that the Chinese phrase be changed to願神光興香港[May God's Light Raise up Hong Kong], its English rendition to "May Heaven Help Hong Kong" as the Supreme Power's help is crucial

The Horror of Auschwitz in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. "The room was pitch-black, air-conditioned, blistering-cold; the arrested were standing in a horizontal line, ALL fully covered with blood." High Security Concentration Camp for Teenagers The San UK Ling Detention Center is a remote, secluded, high security "concentration camp" on the HK-CN border detaining over 70 anti-extradition-law protesters arrested on Aug. 11 in Causeway Bay & TST, and on Aug. 31 in Prince Edward MTR Station, etc. Ov

31 Hong Kong Protesters Held in Concentration Camp All Got Bone Fracture. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Under severe tortures, over 30 teenage detainees of San Uk Ling Detention Center, located on the Hong Kong-China border, have sustained bone fracture, based on news circulating on the net as cited by HKFP and HK01. The spine of one of them has been pressurized such that he is suffering from urinary incontinence. All of them have confessed. But still they are disallowed to make phone calls, to meet their family or lawyer. The femoral bone of several of them is broken, and a f

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Castrated by HK Pan-Democrats? 泛民閹割香港人權民主法案?By Chapman Chen

The 2019 version of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act (proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, Rep. McGovern & Rep. Chris Smith), as noted by the HK law expert Wong On-yin's On8 Channel, differs from the 2017 version, in that the former aims at sanctioning HK and China officials or others for violation of human rights ONLY in connection with rendition of people from HK to China, while the latter aims to sanction HK and China officials or others for violation of human rights

Goddess of Hong Kong Time Revolution vs Tiananmen Sq. Goddess of Democracy. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A Goddess of Hong Kong Time Revolution/HK Democracy was set up in Charter Garden today (2019-9-8) during a gathering and a mass rally to the US Consulate General, the aim of which was to call upon the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights Act to sanction the HK and Beijing authorities for violation of human rights in HK. The 1989 Tiananmen Square Goddess of Democracy is just a pirated copy of the USA Statue of Liberty, while the Goddess of Hong Kong Time Revolution w

From Communist China to Nazi China: A Hong Kong Perspective. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Since its "opening up and reform," China has exchanged communism for neo-Nazism (state-capitalism combined with absolutism) in terms of expansion, totalitarianism and ultra-nationalism. Being on the frontline between Western democracy and China Nazism, 2019 Hong Kong is 1939 Poland. In harassing an 2019-8-17 "Stand with HK" gathering in Toronto, China students actually raised their arms in an apparent Nazi salute. Hong Kong's core values are freedom, Christian love, equality,

Carrie Lam's Withdrawal of Extradition Law=Trick to Dispel Hong Kong Time Revolution.By Chapman Chen

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam is set to formally withdraw on Wed afternoon the extradition bill that triggered the nearly three-month long Hong Kong Time Revolution now roiling the city. With around 1200 dissidents arrested, numerous innocent citizens badly injured by the police, 2000 tear gas canisters used, hundreds of bean bag shots, rubber bullets and even real bullets fired, this "concession" is not acceptable to most Hongkongers. It is a treacherous attempt to dispel th

美國對沖基金聖手:八月廿三美國二次獨立,獨立於中共!Kyle Bass: Aug 23 is US Independence Day from the CCP! By Chapman Chen

美國對沖基金聖手巴斯Kyle Bass八月廿五號推特貼文: 「特朗普總統周五(八月廿三號)終於承認中共係我們的敵人,美國如今有二次獨立日。 八月廿三號而今係美國獨立日,獨立於中國共產黨。」 特朗普八月廿三號推特貼文:「我唯一的問題是,誰是我們的最大敵人,鮑威爾亦或習主席?」中國公佈對美國貨幣七百五十億美元的另一輪關稅,但鮑威爾並無明確預測中央銀行將開始大幅減息,特朗普於是撞火,比較習總同鮑威爾,間接宣告習總係美國大敵。 Kyle Bass tweeted on Aug 25: "With the President’s final acknowledgment of china’s communist party as our ENEMY on Friday, the United States now has a second Independence Day. August 23rd is now the US Independence Day from the CCP." President Donald Trump tweeted on

黃台仰德國最新訪談Hong Kong Localist Ray Wong in Göttingen. By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews

黃台仰八月廿五接受德國電視台RTL訪問,表示德國和西方應更強烈支持香港民主運動,向中國清楚展示保護普世價值和人權的意願。黃台仰認為:「制裁亦可想像為最後手段。如果無後果,中國就會肆無忌憚,鎮壓香港、台灣、西藏、維吾爾族。」一周前,一百七十萬香港人上街爭取民主自由。訪問詳情如下: 香港民主運動成為全球頭條新聞 過百萬香港人抗議中國政府。反中義士黃台仰就住在德國哥廷根:黃台仰 ,今年廿五歲,舊年獲德國確認為政治難民。一周前香港遮打花園集會,播出黃台仰一段視頻信息。黃台仰對德國新聞社表示,德國和西方應更強烈支持香港民主運動,向中國清楚展示保護普世價值和人權的意願。 黃台仰在哥廷根大學;李東昇往柏林 黃台仰同李東昇乃係第一批在歐洲獲得政治保護的香港抗爭者。他們被控參與一六年的所謂旺角暴動。一七年底獲保釋時,前往德國。 一八年五月,庇護申請獲批。中國政府抗議,聲稱德國「干涉」中國內政。 黃台仰如今已識講德文,冬季學期開始在哥廷根大學讀哲學同政治學。黃台仰話,李東昇即將前往柏林讀書。 仍然有機 香港特別行政區有廣泛的特權。然而,過渡時期二零四七年結束。「目前

Tiananmen Square Massacre Dumdum Bullets Used by Hong Kong Police. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

As shown by a picture posted onto a Facebook page, the magazine of a real dumdum bullet was found in Wong Tai Sin, a protest area, around 23: 00 on August 24, and it is believed to have been left behind by the Hong Kong Police. Expanding bullets, also known colloquially as dumdum bullets, are projectiles designed to expand on impact. They were used in Tiananmen Square Massacre and are generally prohibited for use in war. President Donald Trump and many US Senators and House

美國政論名家:Twitter禁中共影響絕非妨礙言論自由 Anders Corr Praises Twitter for Curbing CCP Propaganda. By Chapman Chen

Twitter及其總裁Jack Dorsey八月十九日勇武根除中國黨國對其網站的影響,包括 刪除超過廿萬中國支持的垃圾賬戶,禁止中國官方媒體廣告,無懼失去幾十億美元廣告收入。有人或視禁制中國影響為妨礙言論自由,但美國政論名家論證Anders Carr博士認為Twitter此舉其實大力支持言論自由原則。「用受控制的中國輿論和納稅人金錢,對付香港或其他地方的真言論自由,絕非服膺言論自由。受控言論,受到中共強制,威迫利誘,毫不民主,並非自由。」Twitter「好人有好報Doing right is doing well」,股價上漲二點八巴仙,但Carr話其事先不可能知道。 Anders Corr指出,Twitter言論自由立場勇敢開明,所冒風險巨大,影響其底線,即利潤。「舊年,中國廣告商為Facebook貢獻約五十億美元收入,約佔公司總收入一成。 Facebook並無新政策針對中國國企廣告商,但Twitter就首當其衝。」 Anders Corr強調Twitter值得大家祝賀,加倍支持。「Twitter確實在全球支持民主人權,正處於支持言論自由的最前線

耆英馮姨稱長毛強取旺角初一義士善款 Senior Mdm. Fung Accuses Long Hair of "Looting"? By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews

丙申年初一關注組負責人七十二歲耆英馮姨(馮競文)八月廿三號開記者招待會,陳述上星期日(十八日)在灣仔軒尼詩道四一二號外籌款時,被百名遊行人士圍攻,肩撞腳踢,有黑衣人從後褲袋拎出長𠝹刀,割爛其橫額,鬧其呃錢斂財,有人攬住馮姨錢箱阻止其離開,馮姨當時曾三次報警,但無警到場救援。不久長毛梁國雄出現,話馮姨錢箱捐款應全歸被克警射盲眼的女護,馮姨肉隨砧板上,唯有道:「六一二基金吳藹儀曾拒助一六年初一旺角魚蛋革命義士,我寧願捐畀民陣。」 岑子杰要求馮姨承諾將錢捐畀民陣 幾個蒙面人跟住數馮姨錢箱的錢,但不畀馮姨監察,馮姨只聞筆錢約有一萬八千元。事後馮姨問民陣召集人岑子杰,岑承認軒尼詩道四一二號外並非民陣遊行路線,籌款其實不關民陣事。岑與黨友長毛商量,翌日回覆,要求馮姨簽字,承諾將筆錢捐畀民陣,才肯退款。馮姨徵詢法律意見,得悉長毛等人無權強取其捐款,拒絕簽字,現正與律師商量,是否採取法律行動。 雨革釋囚要求六一二基金助資義士上訴 丙申年初一關注組為警務處註冊社團,不時籌款,協助一六年初一旺角魚蛋革命義士及其家人。馮姨本人經常單拖企在前線,痛罵克警喪盡天良,殘害

行動升級,博出解放軍!Time to Force China to Send PLA Troops to Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen 曾焯文, HKBNews  

撮要:如今係香港脫共的黃金機會,只要十月一號前行動升級,奮勇向前,迫到中國出解放軍,國際就會以美國為首,制裁中國,直至其滅亡。田二少話北京為保國慶,十一之前會出解放軍,鎮壓香港示威遊行。特朗普總統講明take on China,警告習總勿在港重演六四;兩黨議員聲明企在港人一方反中。中國其實心虛,未必真敢出老解, 故須老虎頭上釘虱乸,如奇兵突出,污毀納粹符徵。 夜長夢多,民氣易洩,機會難逢,事不宜遲,否則曠日持久,左膠會重整大臺,解散時代革命。 美英全面撐港 特朗普總統講明take on China(對付中國),警告習總勿在港重演六四。副總統彭斯要中國履行中英聯合聲明,否則貿易免談。美國兩黨議員,以麥康隆McConnell 為首,聲明要企在港人箇邊抗共,而如中共屠殺港人,就會有嚴重後果,迅速實現。英國外交事務委員會主席提出BNO平權,中國或因此擄劫英領港籍職員Simon Cheng報復,引起外交危機。九月九日美國行將通過香港人權民主法,制裁欺壓港人的港共中共官員,甚至取消香港政策法,封中國後門。 香港最後機會 田二少話北京好棹忌十一國慶前,香港再有

花旗飄飄:美國國歌新譯A New Chinese Translation of The Star-Spangled Banner. By Chapman Chen, HKNews

The Star-Spangled Banner 花旗飄飄 (Francis Scott Key填詞;曾焯文漢譯 Trans. Chapman Chen) O say can you see by the dawn's early light, 晨曦曙光, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, 仍見晚霞餘輝, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, 闊帶明星,歡呼自豪;連場血戰, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 飛舞碉堡城頭,雄姿英發, 傲然獨立。 And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 長夜漫漫,炮彈如雷,熊熊戰火, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still

美國牧師:被五毛斬緣何不自衛?US Pastor Bob Kraft:UK & China Brainwash People to Waive Self-Defense.By Chapman Chen

昨晚將軍澳,連接厚德、景林隧道內,三位後生學生夜守連儂牆,被兇徒追斬,兇徒講中共胡語,事後施施然鬆人,逍遙法外。美國牧師兼退伍軍人卜嘉夫Bob Kraft深受震撼,認為港人被英國及中國殖民洗腦,事事靠克警,殊不知自衛天經地義 。(按:香港當廢除公安惡法,法律以全民重新定立的憲法為依歸,訂明全民持槍自衛權): 如果無人教自衛乃係天經地義,又或賦予自衛工具(美國憲法第二修正案賦予國民持械權),香港人將繼續送羊入虎口,被人生劏。這是典型的英國和共產中國詭計,騙人依靠政府公安控制民眾,而非個人自我保護。 這種情況若然在美國發生,旁觀者當早已解決問題,結束揸刀劈友暴行。方法係用武器,例如隱藏或無隱藏的手槍,當堂擊斃暴徒之類。這是自衛。上述少年未滿十八歲,即使在美國亦未能合法持槍。 Pic credit: 網絡截圖 Hong Kong-American Pastor Bob Kraft on Last Night's Tseung Kwan O Freedom Wall Knife Attack: I am deeply impacted. Apparent

Hong Kong Appledaily Reports Trump & Israel "Politically Suppressing" Omar & Tlaib. By Chapman Chen

A 2019-8-17 news report cum video of Hong Kong pan-democracy media Appledaily, with a sub-heading of "Political Suppression政治打壓", asserts that under the "pressure and urging" of President Donald Trump, Israel denies entry to Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, that even AIPAC "cannot put up with it看不過眼". The video narrator even says in an ironic tone, "Why is Trump so complacent? Tis because he 'again has his way 得逞'", the Chinese phrase得逞strongly suggest



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