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新聞自由日論壇變批鬭特朗普大會 (曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

五月三聯合國世界新聞自由日,嶺大論壇,無國界記者代表艾永安尼Cedric Alviani將舊年瑪莉蘭洲報社The Capital四位新聞從業員被狂徒槍殺,歸咎於特朗普總統;大閙特朗普指責傳媒為人民公敵,煽動公眾仇恨記者。事實:從無證據顯示The Capital疑兇受到特朗普言論影響而犯案。特朗普並非指責所有傳媒,只係指責專報假消息的傳媒,例如左膠傳媒兩年來,毫無證據就責其通俄。民主黨劉慧卿則道特朗普現象令人沮喪,有甚麼人民就有甚麼政府。美國領事館發言人Harvey Sernovitz當時亦在論壇。主持米高·龍峨稱特朗普多年前性騷擾女記者,近則屈人講假新聞。事實:有關女記者一面之詞,無證無據,所謂事件經發生十幾年,到特朗普選總統前都無出過聲。 痴線佬殺人又關特朗普事? 一八年六月瑪莉蘭洲男子渣落·雷摩斯衝入當地報社The Capital,槍殺五名職員,包括四位記者,事緣一一年,雷摩斯感化期間,報社報導他騷擾高中朋友,雷摩斯控告報社誹謗,法庭撤銷該案。雷摩斯乃不斷寄恐嚇信畀報社,警方不理,終於釀成慘劇。從無證據顯示雷摩斯受到特朗普言論影響而犯案。 特

RSF Dir. Won't Recommend Western Reporters to Stop Covering HK Independence.By Chapman Chen

Cédric Alviani, director of East-Asia Bureau of RSF, in answering Chapman Chen's question today, replied that he disapproves of self-censorship of any kind, including that on HK separatism, despite the HK extradition law amendment recently proposed and the extra-territorial effect of China law. "Genuine rule of law should have no floating red line." He called upon HK residents to oppose the extradition law amendment, which, if passed, will pose a permanent threat to every jou

With no proof,RSF Dir. Alviani accuses Trump of inciting violence against journalists.By ChapmanChen

On Apr 18, Reporters without Borders (RSF) held a press conference at the Hong Kong Legislative Council to announce the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Cédric Alviani, director of East-Asia Bureau of RSF, seized the opportunity to blame President Donald Trump, without giving any evidence, for inciting violence against journalists, including the murder of Khashoggi. "Democracy is giving up itself," asserted Alviani, " Like the Philippine President, US President Trump insults a

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