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Will the Hong Kong Police Round up the Usual Suspects after the Mass Rally contra Extradition Law?

Gist: On the early morning of today (2019-6-10), a few hundred Hong Kong protesters sat in outside the Legislative Council, got beaten up and pepper-sprayed by the police, and clashed with them, after the HK Government refused to listen to the voice of one million Hongkongers, who took part in the 2016-6-9 mass rally against the HK extradition law. A number of protesters were arrested on the spot. Looks like a 2019 replica of the 2016 Mongkok police-civilian clash, which resu

Does Former HK Lawmaker Baggio Leung Feel Betrayed when Ray Wong & Alan Li Got Asylum in Germany?

(Chapman Chen reports) After it was disclosed on May 22 that Ray Wong and Alan Li, activists involved in the 2016 Mongkok Police-civilian Clash have been granted asylum in Germany, Baggio Leung Chung-hang, former Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified for displaying a banner of "Hong Kong is not China" during his oath-taking, has been asked by many reporters whether he feels betrayed and left behind by Wong and Li; and whether Ray Wong's, Alan Li's, Edward Leung's, and Baggio Leung'

19-yr-old HK Girl in Exile Warns Taiwanese against Electing Pro-CCP Politicians.By Chapman Chen

Lee Sin-yi, a Hong Kong activist involved in the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash case, fled at the age of 17 to Taiwan in 2017. This evening (May 7), Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chair Shichi Chen played live on youtube an audio record of Lee's and showed her letter, which asserted that Communist China is suppressing HK social movements by way of the Judiciary, predicted that more and more Hongkongers will go in exile, and warned Taiwanese against voting for p

On the Centennial of the May Fourth Movement. By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News

Today is the centennial of the May Fourth Movement. The picture shows the grave of former Peking University President Tsai Yuan-pei. The Movement's merit is its valorous, anti-establishment spirit. 100 years ago, Peking U students beat up treacherous government officials and even set fire to their residence. After their arrest, they were bailed out by President Tsai Yuan-pei. Today no one dare to condemn these students for being violent and irrational, while the authorities l



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