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六四晚中國大使館前以色列人抗議中共反人類罪行(曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

六四晚以色列人將於中國大使館前抗議中共反人類罪行(曾焯文Chapman Chen報導) 六月四日晚七點半,台拉維夫中國大使館前將有抗議活動,紀念六四天安門屠城三十周年。 主辦者道:「六四屠城不僅為對受害者的罪行,而且係反人類罪行。」示威活動由一位猶太律師舉辦,已發通告,呼籲以色列人參加。 There will be a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv at 7:30 pm on the evening of June 4th this year, in remembrance of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. "It's not only a crime against the victims, but a crime against humanity", says the organizer. The event is organized by a Jewish lawyer, who has issued a notice to cal

Former Lawmaker Baggio Leung: Identity's Crucial for Hong Kong & Israel's Rebirth.By Chapman Chen

During WWII, presumably, not a single Jew in Nazi Germany would think that they could one day rebuild their nation Israel. They would consider themselves lucky if they could escape from the concentration camps alive. But the Jews' identification with their ethnic group is always strong. Whenever a Jew gets rich, he/she will take good care of his/her compatriots. Contrastively, after Li Ka Shing got rich, he has not helped us. Thus, to build up a strong Hong Kong identity is c

Hong Kong Separatist Wayne Chan on Tiananmen Square Massacre. Interviewed by Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"I was born in April 1990," Hong Kong Independence Union Convener Wayne Chan Ka Kui told HKBNews before speaking at a 2019-6-2 Forum on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, "My mom first met my dad in a Hong Kong mass rally supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square students, and that's how I came about." When Wayne Chan was a kid, his mother often told him stories about the massacre from a pan-Greater China perspective, as she was a fan of HK Alliance in Support of P

Kowloon City Baptist Church Severs Links w/ Petition contra HongKong Extradition Law.By ChapmanChen

On May 29, a few believers from Kowloon City Baptist Church initiated a joint signature campaign against the controversial Hong Kong Extradition Law. On June 1, Kowloon City Baptist Church uploaded a statement to their facebook page:- " This is to state that our Church has never initiated any joint signature campaign concerning the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance." Within 17 hours, the post already attracted 413 angry dislikes. Many comments call Kowloon City Ba

HK Anglican Church Sec. Gen.+ CPPCC Member Canon P. D. Koon Supports Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen

Provincial Secretary General of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HK Anglican Church) cum Member of Beijing Municipal Committee of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Rev. Canon Peter Douglas Koon, supports the controversial Extradition Law (Sing Tao Daily 2019-5-20). "The Church's stance is that culprits have to be brought to justice," Koon asserts, "If the Extradition Law is not amended, the suspect of the Taiwan murder case will get away with it, and this goes

新聞自由日論壇變批鬭特朗普大會 (曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

五月三聯合國世界新聞自由日,嶺大論壇,無國界記者代表艾永安尼Cedric Alviani將舊年瑪莉蘭洲報社The Capital四位新聞從業員被狂徒槍殺,歸咎於特朗普總統;大閙特朗普指責傳媒為人民公敵,煽動公眾仇恨記者。事實:從無證據顯示The Capital疑兇受到特朗普言論影響而犯案。特朗普並非指責所有傳媒,只係指責專報假消息的傳媒,例如左膠傳媒兩年來,毫無證據就責其通俄。民主黨劉慧卿則道特朗普現象令人沮喪,有甚麼人民就有甚麼政府。美國領事館發言人Harvey Sernovitz當時亦在論壇。主持米高·龍峨稱特朗普多年前性騷擾女記者,近則屈人講假新聞。事實:有關女記者一面之詞,無證無據,所謂事件經發生十幾年,到特朗普選總統前都無出過聲。 痴線佬殺人又關特朗普事? 一八年六月瑪莉蘭洲男子渣落·雷摩斯衝入當地報社The Capital,槍殺五名職員,包括四位記者,事緣一一年,雷摩斯感化期間,報社報導他騷擾高中朋友,雷摩斯控告報社誹謗,法庭撤銷該案。雷摩斯乃不斷寄恐嚇信畀報社,警方不理,終於釀成慘劇。從無證據顯示雷摩斯受到特朗普言論影響而犯案。 特

特朗普復活節祝福辭(曾焯文譯)Potus Trump's Easter & Passover Greetings (Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

各位美國同胞 ,每年這神聖時候,全國各地的家庭在家中,教會和猶太聖堂聚首,燃點蠟燭,讚美上帝。在神聖的逾越節,世界各地猶太家庭感謝上帝,解放猶太人,免除埃及的枷鎖,並送他們到應許之地以色列(編按:願主亦解求香江)。 我們基督徒則記得上帝獨生子受難受死,第三日光榮復活。在復活節的星期天,我們高興宣布:「基督經已復活。」這兩個神聖的節日都提醒我們,上帝的愛會拯救世界。大約三千年前,先知以賽亞寫道:「黑暗籠罩大地......但主顯現照耀你,主的榮耀降臨你身上。」皆因主必成為你永恆的真光。在美國,我們仰望上帝的光引導我們的腳步。我們相信全能上主的智慧和力量,我們讚美天父,恩賜我們自由永生。恭祝逾越節快樂,復活節快樂,多謝,主佑各位;主佑美國! 編按:不少歐美網民覺得巴黎聖母院大火在復活節前夕發生,事不尋常,思疑乃伊斯蘭激端組織所為(雖然法國警方表示係意外),尤其有伊斯蘭教徒在現場及網上幸災樂禍。Alice Weidel德國右翼反對黨Alternative for Germany領袖就暗示巴黎聖母院大火與之前法國的反基督徒襲擊有關。 #Easter #Pa



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