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Hong Kong Appledaily Reports Trump & Israel "Politically Suppressing" Omar & Tlaib. By Chapman Chen

A 2019-8-17 news report cum video of Hong Kong pan-democracy media Appledaily, with a sub-heading of "Political Suppression政治打壓", asserts that under the "pressure and urging" of President Donald Trump, Israel denies entry to Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, that even AIPAC "cannot put up with it看不過眼". The video narrator even says in an ironic tone, "Why is Trump so complacent? Tis because he 'again has his way 得逞'", the Chinese phrase得逞strongly suggest

美國參議院領袖: 美國與港人同行!Sen. Mitch McConnell:USA's been Marching alongside Hongkongers. By 曾焯文Chapman Chen

美國參議院參議院多數黨領袖麥康瞭(Sen. Mitch McConnell),美國香港政策法起草人,(其夫人來自台灣),七月廿三日在參議院發言,撐香港人反送中街頭抗爭。麥康瞭明言北京及其代理人懾於百萬港人遊行,暫緩送中惡法,但並非撤回,志在等待時機,重新蠶食。麥康瞭強調中國如何對香港人,就如對維吾爾人或西藏人,是中國在國外如何行事的指標。麥康瞭又話美國一直與港人同行,其本人一九九二年起草美國 - 香港政策法,奠定美國對香港特殊地位的立場,深感自豪。演辭全文由曾焯文翻譯如下: 中國人權不及霸權 最近幾週,我談到美國與俄羅斯、中國等大國的重新競爭。儘管美國幾十年來努力歡迎這些國家建立和平繁榮和公平的國際體系,但這些國家另有打算。據其願景,基本原則如主權、自由、人權、有規有矩的國際秩序,每每不及強權政治及霸權主義。 送中條例只是暫緩,並非撤回 例如,中共最近正在努力加強控制影響台灣、柬埔寨、老撾、緬甸、香港等地。工具和戰術或有一同,但目標相同:北京希望令鄰舍折腰。本月早些時候,經劃時代示威之後,香港政府暫停送中條例立法,送中條例這將進一步侵蝕香港自治權

Hong Kong Separatist Wayne Chan on Tiananmen Square Massacre. Interviewed by Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"I was born in April 1990," Hong Kong Independence Union Convener Wayne Chan Ka Kui told HKBNews before speaking at a 2019-6-2 Forum on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, "My mom first met my dad in a Hong Kong mass rally supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square students, and that's how I came about." When Wayne Chan was a kid, his mother often told him stories about the massacre from a pan-Greater China perspective, as she was a fan of HK Alliance in Support of P

Hong Kong Students Trained to Speak like Hua Chunying & Expected to Join Int'l Org. By Chapman Chen

In the 13rd Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest held on May 12, Hong Kong high school students militantly spoke perfect Putonghua. Their Beijing accent, tone, gestures, facial expressions all reminded one of China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, or even Chairman Mao's wife Jiang Qing. E.g, a schoolgirl indignantly yelled, "Not a single country has fallen into a debt crisis as a result of joining the One Belt One Road!" (The fact, however, remains that due

Despite USA warning to Cancel HK Policy Act,China may Enact HK Extradition Law & Die.By Chapman Chen

Despite CECC and EU's serious warnings, the Hong Kong Government, a puppet of Beijing, will probably pass the Extradition Bill -- by which rich entrepreneurs of any nationality, Westerners, and dissidents in HK can be transferred to China -- eventually leading to the downfall of China, as President Xi seems to be possessed by Chairman Mao. On May 23, Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC) sent a letter jointed signed by 8 US Congress members and senators to HK Chi



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