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Polish Young Man's Naked Body Mysteriously Fell from Height波蘭青年屍體離奇墮樓!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At about 3 am on Oct 21, a 25-year-old foreign naked man was found lying opposite 6, Aberdeen Street in Central, according to Oriental Daily & Singtao Daily. He was suspected of having fallen from a height and was already in a coma when discovered. He was then rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital, where he was confirmed to die of grave injuries. After investigation, the police did not find any suicide note, but they confirmed that the deceased came to Hong Kong using a Polish passpor

抗爭者歡迎港鐵自毀設施Hong Kong Protesters Welcome MTR Co. to Sabotage its Own Facilities. By Chapman Chen

連登傳聞所有港鐵站被破壞的設施全部都是克警臥底做的,志在嫁禍抗爭者,然而,本報訪問過三十位抗爭者,他們都歡迎港鐵帶頭攬炒,串連克警自行打爛所有設施,最好長期封站,癱瘓交通,費事義士以身犯險,慳返好多功夫。再者,睇返相關新聞片,破壞港鐵設施的有大隻佬,亦有瘦弱少年,瘦弱少年大概並非克警。It is rumored that all vandalizations of Hong Kong MTR stations were done by police moles in order to frame up protesters. However, HKBNews has interviewed 30 protesters. They all welcome The MTR Corporation to collude with the police and break into pieces all their facilities as this will save a lot of efforts and risks on the part of

特朗普總統讚香港抗爭者親美標語勁正,精神偉大!Pres Donald Trump Praises Hong Kong Protesters for Pro-USA Signs & Spirit

特朗普總統周一新聞發佈會讚香港示威者舉美國旗及持親特朗普標誌如"Make Hong Kong Great Again"『重振香港』。特朗普總統話希望香港抗爭可「以非常人道的方法解決」。「香港有好多勁人。 他們在揮舞美國旗;甚至攜美國旗標誌;甚至有.... 『重振香港』的標語。」 「香港人的標牌勁正,他們對我國非常神往。好多美國旗、好多特朗普標語。我只想見到達成人道協議,我認為習主席有能力做到。」總統續道: 「其好有說服力,我認為只要他同香港一些抗爭領袖會面;這可能係個問題,香港抗爭似乎無特定領袖;但我的確認為他們可以做點甚麼。我們只想見到此事人道解決。」 之前CNN報導稱,特朗普總統應承習近平在貿易談判中,對香港抗爭保持沉默。今次新聞發佈會,特朗普總統明確否認,反而警告習近平要和平對待香港抗爭者。「萬一出了甚麼事,勢必嚴重影響談判!」 此外,總統對六一六二百萬香港人上街表示讚嘆。「我從未見過類似場面。」「我們講緊群眾規模,非同小可,對嗎? 如今群眾人數細了很多,或者在說明甚麼。」 Video:

Classy Japan-model Suzuko Hirano Upgrading her Gear for Oct 1 National Day of China. By Chapman Chen

On September 13, classy, graceful Japanese model Suzuko Hirano, who supports the Hong Kong Time Revolution, asserted on Fb, "something will surely happen before the October 1st National Day of China in HK. In preparation for that, I will upgrade my gear and go." In fact, she disclosed that she carried a testament with her when she went to the frontline in HK early this month, where the tear gas was more offensive than she had thought and the bean bag shots were flying. Meanw

Full Moon for Hong Kong Time Revolution! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

時代革命,蟾宮折桂,人月團圓,香港重光!The Harvest Moon in September symbolizes the strength, climax and victory of the Hong Kong Time Revolution. HKBNews would like to wish everybody a Happy Reunion at Mid-Autumn Festival! FB link: Web link: Pic credit: Internet photo #midautumnfestival #fullmoon #chapmanchen #

花旗飄飄:美國國歌新譯A New Chinese Translation of The Star-Spangled Banner. By Chapman Chen, HKNews

The Star-Spangled Banner 花旗飄飄 (Francis Scott Key填詞;曾焯文漢譯 Trans. Chapman Chen) O say can you see by the dawn's early light, 晨曦曙光, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, 仍見晚霞餘輝, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, 闊帶明星,歡呼自豪;連場血戰, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 飛舞碉堡城頭,雄姿英發, 傲然獨立。 And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 長夜漫漫,炮彈如雷,熊熊戰火, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still

種族清洗,兒童都不放過?Ethnic Cleansing of Hongkongers, Incl.Kids? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

種族清洗,男女老幼,孕婦兒童,全不放過! 七月二十八日晚約十一點,香港西區及上環,警方襲擊示威者及路過市民。上環文華里有男童回家途中遭催淚彈波及,須救護員及示威者救助。(上周日,元朗西鐵站外,有白RTHK影到香港警察同持械白衫暴徒拍哂膊頭,白衫暴徒在西鐵站內外無差別打香港市民,包括一位孕婦。) On July 28 evening, around 11 pm, when the Hong Kong Police were attacking protesters and passers-by, a little boy, who happened to walk past Man Wa Lane, Sheung Wan on his way home, was affected by tear gas used by the Police, and had to be helped by ambulancemen and protesters. (來源:柯耀林facebook) #ethniccleansing #hongkongprotest

US Pastor Bob Kraft Offers Help to Hong Kong Protesters Seized with PTSD. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Do you suffer from: nightmares, stress, anxiety, anger, mental unbalance and thoughts of self-harm after joining protests in Hong Kong? Hong Kong American Pastor Bob Kraft, an US Army veteran, is trying to help Hong Kong activists and even police officers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Pastor is sure that "Thousands of victims who have attended protests since 2014 are out there." He regrets that while it is necessary to speak to true Hongkongers, wh

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