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What may happen tmr at HK Legco concerning the Extradition Bill? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

An Extradition Bill Committee, set up by Hong Kong pro-CCP lawmakers in co-operation with the Legislative Council Secretariat, presided over by Abraham Shek, excluding pan-democracy lawmakers, will hold the panel's next meeting in Conference room number 1 in Legco on Saturday morning. It is hereby predicted that when the meeting starts, the pan-democrats will protest that only their committee is the legitimate one. Shek will then order security guards to forcefully escort al

China's Activated Self-Annihilation Mode. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Xi Jinping is leading his country straight into the abyss, just like Nero, Hitler, Tōjō Hideki, etc. President Donald Trump has just officially imposed a 25% tariff on $200 billion of China goods, due to China's last-minute scraping of important written promises in the US-China trade talk, including no more theft of US intellectual property, no more forced high tech transfer, opening up of China's finance and telecommunication sectors, etc. Last year, as a result of Trump's

美國國會: 引渡法危及美國利益,美國或重新審視香港政策法!(曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

美國國會中國委員會USCC剛發表報告話:「引渡法案可能對美國國家安全及經濟利益構成重大風險,如若通過實施,可能提供依據,畀美國重新審視目前與香港關係的重要因素,如九二美港政策法所述者。」報告又指引渡法案一旦通過,會令香港更受北京政治脅迫,香港自治進一步受到蠶蝕。 倫敦香港監察Hong Kong Watch受託人最近訪問華盛頓特區,並會見了USCC,國務院和美國眾議院外交事務委員會,討論引渡法修正案及其如何影響香港政策法和美港引渡條約。 #USCC #maga #makeamericagreatagain #donaldtrump #hongkongextraditionlaw #hongkongpolicyact

Will HK Separatists & Western Reporters Covering them be Extradited to China?By Chapman Chen

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam publicized her report on the Hong Kong National Party to Beijing yesterday, which cites the Security Secretary's reasons for banning the pro-independence party, including that it allegedly propagated hatred toward Mainland people and advocated their extinction on Hong Kong soil. Meanwhile, the offense 'Incitement to commit genocide' in the Fugitive Offender Ordinance is mistranslated as "incitement to commit ethnic-cleansing" in the Chines



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