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A Repeat of Nanjing Massacre in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (Dec 13) is the 82nd anniversary of the start of Nanjing Massacre, a repeat of which was witnessed by Hong Kong in the last 6 months. Nanjing fell under the Japanese army and for the next 6 weeks the city suffered the painful atrocities known as the Rage of Nanking. Meanwhile, as recorded in her diary, American educator Minnie Vautrin (Sept 27, 1886 - May 14, 1941), comparable to the hero of Schindler's List, harbored more than 10000 women and children in her Nanjing sc


香港小學教師梁慧敏今日接受本報訪問,表示昨日(七月二號)被警察拘捕,罪名係「 威脅會摧毀或損壞財產 」, 所謂證據乃係梁慧敏曾在面書發表反送中等言論,例如「講咁多仲乜?下週立法會放雞尾酒啦!屌! 」換言之,香港警方可以隨時以網言入人罪,違反言論自由。警方今日下晝開記招,透露經捕拘六男二女,年齡介乎十六歲至四十歲,涉網上公開警員資料、不誠實取用電腦及刑事損壞等行為,其中即包括梁慧敏。 警方昨日申請到搜查令,徹底搜查梁慧敏家,並且拍低大量私人空間照片,令其家人十分激動。 在差館落口供期間,警察曾向梁慧敏展示梁自己的面書頭像照片,其上印有「反修例 撤惡法」及「初一義士無罪」字句,問其有何政治目的? 是否分享過涂謹申議員直播立法會審議逃犯條例的貼文?及貼文中「雞尾酒」何解?是否認識曾 like 或 share有關帖文的人?梁慧敏堅決行使保持箴默的權利。梁現已保釋,須於八月返差館報到,等睇律政會否起訴。 #LeungWaiman #freedomofspeech #hongkongpolice #ccp #extraditionlaw #hongkong

A Hong Kong Prim. Sch. Teacher Arrested for Anti-Extradition-Law FB Posts. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A primary school teacher, Leung Waiman, was arrested yesterday (July 2) for Threats to destroy or damage property in terms of publishing on Facebook anti-Extradition Law posts like "Place a cup of cocktail wine in front of the Legco". It means that the Hong Kong police would arrest anybody for their anti-authorities words, which is a gross violation of freedom of speech. Already bailed out, Leung has to report to the police station in August. She is not allowed to leave Kong,

Aged, Unarmed, Lung Cancer III, Anti-Extradition-Law Man Shot & Kicked by HK Police. By Chapman Chen

,In the 2019-6-12 protest against the Hong Kong Extradition Law, an around 60-year-old, unarmed, lung cancer stage III, male patient called Old Ng, while reprimanding the police in Admiralty near the Government Headquarters, was shot without warning in the belly by the police with rubber bullets. He at once fell down and was dragged by the police to a corner, thrown to the ground, and , further kicked and punched. He was then sent to Queen Mary Hospital General Ward. On June



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