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真香港憲法的幾點建議 On a True Hong Kong Constitution. By 曾焯文Chapman Chen

真香港憲法當由香港全民制定,為香港整體利益而設,並且屬於香港全體公民。香港憲法當由全民選出的制憲委員會起草,頒布之前,逐條經大眾公開討論審議。香港憲法最好以美國憲法為藍本(不過當然要本地化),事關美國乃係全球最重要的民主國家。細地方新生自治政府容易出獨裁者,成為極權政府,正如上世紀好多非洲小國一樣,所以香港憲法採內閣制而非總統制會更安全。為了有效監督政府,並賦予公民推翻腐敗專橫政府的手段,憲法第一和第二條修訂案應分別包括言論自由和平民攜槍權,正如美國憲法第一、第二修訂案。香港的官方口語為香港粵語及英語;官方文字為港式中文(正體字)及英文。 香港基本法係偽憲法 香港基本法並非由香港全民制定,並非為香港整體利益而制定,亦非屬於香港全體公民(The Hong Kong Basic Law is neither by the people of HK, nor for the people of HK, nor of the people of HK)。基本法起草委員會由全國人大委任,共有委員五十九人,內地委員三十六人,香港委員只佔二十三人,而且並非香港

A Hong Kong Constitution by Hongkongers, for Hongkongers & of Hongkongers. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A genuine Hong Kong Constitution should be written by Hongkongers, for the interests of Hongkongers, and should belong to Hongkongers. It shall be drafted by a committee of elites chosen by the people, and each article, before enactment, shall go through examination and open discussion by members of the public. The HK Constitution had better be modeled on Constitution of the United States with, of course, all necessary localizations, as America is the leading democratic count

Germany Basic Law vs Hong Kong Basic Law. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany Article 1 (1): Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law Chapt. 1 Art. 1: The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China. #DasGrundgesetzfürdieBundesrepublikDeutschland #Grundgesetz #hongkongbasiclaw #basicalawforthefederalrepublicofgermany #hongkonghumanrights #raywo



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