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美國政論家不覺要求港獨會令香港失去國際支持 Anders Corr Doesn't Think Independence Demand will Make HK Lose Intl Support

美國國家安全分析師安德斯‧哥雅博士Dr. Anders Corr十月七日推特貼文:我不認為要求香港獨立會令香港失去國際支持。 美、英大使館是否反對港獨?就算他們反港獨,都係為了盡量尋求和平解決方法。但這缺乏遠見。 對於那些熱愛民主的人,香港不獨根本並非治本方案,皆因中國會逐漸吞噬香港,又或者在二零四七一次過完全佔領,並利用香港對付自由世界;任何贏得的民主自由都將付諸東流。 台灣不獨已是失敗的主張,只因隨著中國實力增強,台灣逐漸失去全球盟友。 中國話台灣係不聽話的省,時常要出兵統一。台灣和香港都需要完全主權獨立,在聯合國獲得國際承認,以便在可預見的未來,保障民主自由。 安德斯‧哥雅博士Anders Corr,哈佛大學博士,曾在美國軍事情報機關工作超過五年。 (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports) Anders Corr (2019-10-7) tweets: "I don't think the demand for 'independence' will lose #HongKong international supp

HK Buddhist Assn Head + CCP cadre Ven.Shi Kuanyun Supports Banning HK National Party.By Chapman Chen

Ven. Shi Kuan-yun, President, Hong Kong Buddhist Association cum Cadre of The United Front Work Dept of the CCP said, "Tis perfectly legitimate & reasonable for the HK Govt to ban the Hong Kong National Party; in doing so, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam has fulfilled her constitutional responsibility to the Chinese Central Govt." (Wen Weipo, 2019-2-27) Shi Kuan-yun, a Mongolian who migrated from China to Hong Kong in 1983, is in fact the Director of the China Overseas Friend

Hong Kong Bread of Life Christian Church Blames Umbrella Movement for H3N5 Epidemic. By Chapman Chen

In February, 2015, 611 Bread of Life Christian Church(611靈糧堂), Hong Kong, published on its website a guideline entitled "Repentance and Prayer for Hongkongers", which, quoting Numbers (41-50) wherein the Levites were visited by a plague due to their resistance against Moses and Aaron, concluded that the H3N5 epidemic was God's retribution for the 2014 Occupy Central Movement. The prayer also implored God to forgive Hong Kong people for rebelling against the Hong Kong authorit

Italian-HK Communist Catholic Fr. Franco Mella: HK-CN Border should be Canceled!(By Chapman Chen)

Permanent Hong Kong resident Italian Catholic Priest, Father Franco Mella 甘浩望神父, said in a 2018-10 interview with Hong Kong Bilingual News: "I am a Communist. Chairman Mao did not kill a single person. Hurrah Chairman Mao! The Hong Kong-China BORDER should be CANCELED as Hongkongers are Chinese, and Chinese should not fight Chinese. HK can accommodate 0.1 billion migrants more from China!" Franco Mella (born 1948 in Milan) is an Italian Roman Catholic priest and Maoist social

Archbishop of HK Anglican Church Praises Red China Churches' Freedom! By Chapman Chen

Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong Anglican Church: "Churches in Mainland China are well-developed and very free; as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee, I desire to know the State of China more" (Wenweipo 2013/3/11). Rev. Paul Kwong also questions why Hongkongers should always be speaking out and struggling for universal suffrage: "In the face of those who sentenced him to death, #Jesus simply remained silent like a sheep waiting to be slaught

Communist China Netizens Celebrating Notre Dame Burning Down as Karma for The Old Summer Palace's De

While the whole world is mourning the tragic burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a number of Communist China netizens celebrate it as karma for the Anglo-French expedition force's setting fire to The Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) during the 1860 Second Opium War. Actually, the British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, ordered the destruction of The Summer Palace because British envoy Harry Parkes had been imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for refusing

港美牧師波蘭電視論佔中九子,港共本質(曾焯文報)Pastor Bob Kraft on Communist HK Govt & Occupy Trial Verdict.By Chapman Chen

香港美國牧師卜嘉夫Pastor Bob Kraft今晚(四月十五 日)接受波蘭電視台 Idź Pod Prąd TV 訪問有關佔中九子定罪之事。卜牧師話參加雨傘革命的香港人達百萬之眾,但當局只是檢控其中九位名人,分明選擇性執法,殺雞儆猴。九子其中一些或要坐監,刑期可由兩年到七年不等。叫香港政府做港共,皆因香港如今直接由北京全面管治;中共在香港駐有解放軍;而香港司法部要向北京人大負責。牧師勸波蘭勿受中國利誘,而與其打交道,否則會付出重大代價,「香港有版你睇!」節目主持人表示會幫香港祈禱。 據卜牧師所見,九子只係擔任調停中介角色,從來無任何暴力行為,反而常表示威人士要和平理性非暴力非粗口,叫他們快些回家。卜牧師認為朱耀明牧師定罪後的陳詞感人肺腑,屬於神的安排。 波蘭電視台主持人問到波蘭應否與中共打交道,賺中國錢?卜牧師回答無咁大隻蛤乸隨街跳。波蘭會因此而付出重大代價,譬如中共會請波蘭學童去中國留學,乘機洗腦灌輸共產思想,要他們鬥爭父母。又譬如中共會大量貸款畀波蘭,表面幫波蘭起基建,實際乘機買起波瀾企業,控制波蘭糧食入口,炒貴波蘭地價樓價,令到波蘭人

Dr. Tong Yan-kai: We always love the State; China'll Surpass USA in 10 yrs! (by Chapman Chen)

"In 10 years' time, China will overtake America & become the greatest country in the world. It is most safe and most happy to be Chinese today " claimed Hong Kong Confucian Academy President, Dr. TONG Yan Kai (#TangEnjia) in 2018. "HK Confucianism has always been loving the State...... We have never made any negative impact on the CCP," asserted Dr. Tong in 2009. It is surprising that a believer in Confucianism would utter such flattering words to a regime which has caused t



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