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香港邵嵐在眾議院籲美速制裁侵犯香港人權官員 JoeySiu at USHouse Begs US to Sanction HK HumanRights-Violating Officials Fast

本年十二月十日人權日,美國外交事務亞洲小組委員會舉行聽證會,涵括新疆及香港人權狀況。香港城市大學學生會副會長邵嵐小姐作證。請大家關住香港六千異見人士被捕,克警發射萬枚催淚彈,對示威者濫用武力;被捕者在拘留中心,常遭酷刑虐待,甚至性暴力輪姦;又提到梁天琦被捕入獄以來,香港政治權利大受蠶蝕;呼籲美國迅速制裁侵犯香港人權的官員。 聽證會,題曰:具中國特色的威權主義:中國的政治和宗教人權挑戰。 主席眾議員白德·佘爾文(Brad Sherman)和副主席眾議員Ted Yoho主持聽證會。 外交事務委員會成員羅恩·賴特(Ron Wright),阿米·貝拉(Ami Bera),約翰·柯蒂斯(John Curtis),佩里(Perry),瓦格納(Wagner),列文(Levin),斯潘伯格(Spanberger)和泰特斯(Titus)眾議員出席了聽證會。 外交事務委員會成員羅恩·賴特(Ron Wright),阿米·貝拉(Ami Bera),約翰·柯蒂斯(John Curtis),佩里(Perry),華格納(Wagner),李文(Levin),斯潘伯格(Spanb

Hong Kong Revolution Group (Team V) Claims Responsibility for Molotov Cocktail Attacks

A Team V (V小隊) claims responsibility for the early October vandalism of pro-CCP enterprises and Molotov cocktail attacks. It also announces that it will escalate its militant action to a gory level either this month or before the November District Council Election. In a long online Cantonese article, the team lays out its theory, strategy and tactics for an armed revolution. In this report, we will focus on the theory part. Team V thinks that it is impractical for Hongkongers

"Hong Kong Time Revolution香港時代革命" Goes beyond Protests. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The so-called "Anti-Extradition Law" movement has become a revolution since June without a name. Let me suggest that it be called "Hong Kong Time Revolution香港時代革命". HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam herself said in English on Aug. 5 that the "ulterior motives" of some of the "violent protesters...are to...risk the one country, two proceed with what they call revolution." Indeed, "Reclaim Hong Kong; Time Revolution光復香港,時代革命!" is the most commonly chanted slogan

Will the Hong Kong Police Round up the Usual Suspects after the Mass Rally contra Extradition Law?

Gist: On the early morning of today (2019-6-10), a few hundred Hong Kong protesters sat in outside the Legislative Council, got beaten up and pepper-sprayed by the police, and clashed with them, after the HK Government refused to listen to the voice of one million Hongkongers, who took part in the 2016-6-9 mass rally against the HK extradition law. A number of protesters were arrested on the spot. Looks like a 2019 replica of the 2016 Mongkok police-civilian clash, which resu

Does Former HK Lawmaker Baggio Leung Feel Betrayed when Ray Wong & Alan Li Got Asylum in Germany?

(Chapman Chen reports) After it was disclosed on May 22 that Ray Wong and Alan Li, activists involved in the 2016 Mongkok Police-civilian Clash have been granted asylum in Germany, Baggio Leung Chung-hang, former Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified for displaying a banner of "Hong Kong is not China" during his oath-taking, has been asked by many reporters whether he feels betrayed and left behind by Wong and Li; and whether Ray Wong's, Alan Li's, Edward Leung's, and Baggio Leung'

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