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FBI 主管Amy Hess話中國為稱霸不惜做賊. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國聯邦調查局網絡部主管愛美·赫詩Amy Hess話「中國志在雄霸天下,為此不惜偷訊息,偷知識產權,偷PII [個人身份訊息],偷機密、政府機密、學術機密、研究發展機密。」愛美·赫詩週三在科羅拉多州阿斯彭舉行的財富論壇,群策群力技術大會上,警告一班企業高管中國對美國利益的各種威脅。 愛美·赫詩的團隊負責追捕針對美國公司和公民的盜賊和外國間諜。 source: #FBI #amyhess #ccp #communistchina #chineseespionage #chinesespies #maga2020 #keepamericagreat #donaldtrump #chapmanchen

Dr. Tong Yan-kai: We always love the State; China'll Surpass USA in 10 yrs! (by Chapman Chen)

"In 10 years' time, China will overtake America & become the greatest country in the world. It is most safe and most happy to be Chinese today " claimed Hong Kong Confucian Academy President, Dr. TONG Yan Kai (#TangEnjia) in 2018. "HK Confucianism has always been loving the State...... We have never made any negative impact on the CCP," asserted Dr. Tong in 2009. It is surprising that a believer in Confucianism would utter such flattering words to a regime which has caused t

Romans 13:1 Abused by Pro-CCP Hong Kong Pastor to Censure Occupy Leaders (Chapman Chen)

Romans 13: 1 is perhaps the single biblical line most often distorted by people with ulterior motives to brainwash Christians into submitting to tyranny. 9 pan-democracy leaders were found on April 9 found guilty over their role in Hong Kong's 2014 Umbrella Movement. Back in 2013, Rev. Daniel Ng Chun-man, Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of China, Kong Fuk Church, Hong Kong, already invoked Romans 13: 1 and called upon HK believers to "be subject to the governing author



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