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Pro-CCP Hong Kong Lawmaker Ann, CHIANG Lai-wan: China JL-3 Missile can Reach USA! By Chapman Chen

Pro-CCP Hong Kong lawmakers Dr. Ann, Chiang Lai-wan wrote on her facebook wall on June 4 at 6 pm: "It is known that the JL-3 ballistic missile of our country China is so powerful that its range can reach 14000 kilometers. Launched from China offshore, it can cover contiguous United States. Web link: Chiang's fb link:

Kowloon City Baptist Church Severs Links w/ Petition contra HongKong Extradition Law.By ChapmanChen

On May 29, a few believers from Kowloon City Baptist Church initiated a joint signature campaign against the controversial Hong Kong Extradition Law. On June 1, Kowloon City Baptist Church uploaded a statement to their facebook page:- " This is to state that our Church has never initiated any joint signature campaign concerning the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance." Within 17 hours, the post already attracted 413 angry dislikes. Many comments call Kowloon City Ba

Trish Regan 駁斥中共劉欣知識產權盜竊全球皆然論。曾焯文Chapman Chen報導

在五月三十日美中貿易戰辯論中,Fox Business主播Trish Regan向CTGN主播劉欣指出,中國年年偷價值數千億美元的美國知識產權。劉答,這是世界各地的普遍做法,譴責Trish Regan以偏概全。 Trish反駁稱有多份報告,世貿充份證據證明,例如摩托羅拉案,Oreo White案,愛荷華種子案,防火牆案等。 Trish問華為是否願意與美國公司分享他們的技術發展。劉答,中國歡迎互相互惠,支付使用識產權。Trish道:「你知要畀錢就好啦!」 Trish問:美國公司知識產權被盜,如何可在中國展開業務?劉答,好多美國公司都想去中國賺大錢。 Trish承認,一些美國公司,為了短期利潤,漠視強制技術轉移,但同時強調中國一七年通過法律,要求中國科技公司與軍方和政府合作,換言之,不僅個別企業,而且中國共產黨政府也可以獲得美國技術。 辯論開始時,Trish表示代表自己而劉欣係中共一員。劉否認自己是中共黨員,但Trish指出,CTGN是中央電視台的海外分支機構,由中共直接控制。 Fox business video link: https://vid

Hong Kong Students Trained to Speak like Hua Chunying & Expected to Join Int'l Org. By Chapman Chen

In the 13rd Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest held on May 12, Hong Kong high school students militantly spoke perfect Putonghua. Their Beijing accent, tone, gestures, facial expressions all reminded one of China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, or even Chairman Mao's wife Jiang Qing. E.g, a schoolgirl indignantly yelled, "Not a single country has fallen into a debt crisis as a result of joining the One Belt One Road!" (The fact, however, remains that due

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