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Hong Kong Revolution Group (Team V) Claims Responsibility for Molotov Cocktail Attacks

A Team V (V小隊) claims responsibility for the early October vandalism of pro-CCP enterprises and Molotov cocktail attacks. It also announces that it will escalate its militant action to a gory level either this month or before the November District Council Election. In a long online Cantonese article, the team lays out its theory, strategy and tactics for an armed revolution. In this report, we will focus on the theory part. Team V thinks that it is impractical for Hongkongers

Confessions of a Frontline Occupier of Hong Kong Legco. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On the night of July 1st, a group of Hong Kong activists crashed the glass doors of the Hong Kong legislative Council in protest of the Extradition Law. One of the frontline occupiers was a Mr. Tsui in his twenties, an interview of whom was published in Chinese in StandNews on 2019-7-12. Tsui confessed that he has no future, that he is ready to die for the resistance movement and for the young of HK. "We are egg shells who're prepared to be cracked and to charge." He recalled

Hong Kong Special Tactical Squad Officers are Really Communist China Cops & Soldiers?By Chapman Chen

In the 2019-6-12 protest against Hong Kong Extradition Law, the Special Tactical Squad of the HK Police Force, nicknamed Speedy Dragons, as shown by a number of videos taken by various media, scandalously brutalized a number of protesters, mostly unarmed. Civil Rights Observer note that the uniform of members of this time's Speedy Dragons, in contrast to 2016 and 2014, displayed no police number, and the masks, helmets and goggles worn by them were so opaque that their facial

Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho Proclaiming HK Identity at Oslo Freedom Forum. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At Oslo Freedom Forum on May 27, Hong Kong Singer cum LGBTQ activist Denise Ho proudly proclaimed the localist identity of Hongkongers in reviewing her experience of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement against the authoritarian Hong Kong and Beijing Governments. "On 2014-9-28......for the first time in our dictated history, we've finally come to our own definition of who we are. We're neither British nor Chinese; we're Hongkongers." She then sang a Hong Kong Cantonese song w

W.r.t. Occupy Leaders' Conviction, Kong Fok Church Prays God Help All Parties to Respect Rule of Law

Pro-CCP Hong Kong Evangelical Free Church of China, Kong Fok Church港福堂's 2019-4-28 Sunday Prayer Request for HK society: "9 defendants of the Occupy Central Case were convicted and sentenced. May God help parties of differing views to respect the rule of law as Hong Kong's core value, and repair the torn society." (By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News) Website:

Hong Kong Bread of Life Christian Church Blames Umbrella Movement for H3N5 Epidemic. By Chapman Chen

In February, 2015, 611 Bread of Life Christian Church(611靈糧堂), Hong Kong, published on its website a guideline entitled "Repentance and Prayer for Hongkongers", which, quoting Numbers (41-50) wherein the Levites were visited by a plague due to their resistance against Moses and Aaron, concluded that the H3N5 epidemic was God's retribution for the 2014 Occupy Central Movement. The prayer also implored God to forgive Hong Kong people for rebelling against the Hong Kong authorit

HK Christian Council Sec. Gen. Rev. Lo Lung-kwong: The more u fight; the more u lose.By Chapman Chen

Secretary General of Hong Kong Christian Council, Former Chung Chi College Divinity School Director, former Hong Kong Methodist Church President, Rev. Lo Lung-kwong (2018-2-21): "The more you fight; the more you lose. Hongkongers, in adopting an antagonistic approach, will only make China's governing of HK more and more stringent. E.g., as a result of Hongkongers vigorously supporting the Tiananamen Square students in 1989, China set the Basic Law harsher than ever. And aft

19-yr-old HK Girl in Exile Warns Taiwanese against Electing Pro-CCP Politicians.By Chapman Chen

Lee Sin-yi, a Hong Kong activist involved in the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash case, fled at the age of 17 to Taiwan in 2017. This evening (May 7), Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chair Shichi Chen played live on youtube an audio record of Lee's and showed her letter, which asserted that Communist China is suppressing HK social movements by way of the Judiciary, predicted that more and more Hongkongers will go in exile, and warned Taiwanese against voting for p

On the Centennial of the May Fourth Movement. By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News

Today is the centennial of the May Fourth Movement. The picture shows the grave of former Peking University President Tsai Yuan-pei. The Movement's merit is its valorous, anti-establishment spirit. 100 years ago, Peking U students beat up treacherous government officials and even set fire to their residence. After their arrest, they were bailed out by President Tsai Yuan-pei. Today no one dare to condemn these students for being violent and irrational, while the authorities l

波蘭電視訪問美港牧師Bob Kraft,撐港人反共(曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

四月廿四號晚,四位傘運領袖被判入獄,波蘭電視台IdźPodPrad TV 直播採訪美港牧師Bob Kraft,當時他在荔枝角拘留所外,參加民眾燭光念義士晚會。兩位節目主持支持自由港人「堅拒中共」。「自由香港」、「撐台灣」、「自由西藏」等標語赫然出現節目,該節目名為逆流。主持人透露,當年波蘭受制於蘇共,兩三個人在公開場合會面,都可能被控非法聚會,猶如香港非法集會罪名。Kraft牧師答話,這種瘋狂法律,教佔中領袖被捕入獄,實際來自美國獨立革命前,英國舊法例,原屬香港殖民地惡法,九七後被港共當局加強利用。 Pic credit: Polish Idź Pod Prad FB LINK: Website LINK: Original video link: https://www.

Poland TV Interviews US-HK Pastor Bob Kraft & Supports HK against Communist China.By Chapman Chen

On 24 April evening, when 4 Umbrella Movement leaders were sent to jail, Polish Idź Pod Prad TV live interviewed American Hong Kong Pastor Bob Kraft , who was then outside the Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre (where the activists were provisionally held in custody). The 2 TV hosts supported free Hongkongers to "say no to Communist China". Signs of "Free Hong Kong", "Say Yes to Taiwan" and "Free Tibet" were actually shown during the program, which is known as "Go Against the Tide"

CCP had Umbrella Movement Leaders Jailed 'cause they Supported John Tsang in 2017 HK Mayor Election?

By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News 4 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leaders were recently sent to jail for their involvement in the campaign. HK law expert Wong On-yin suspects that this might be a Beijing retaliation for the HK pan-democrats supporting John Tsang rather than Carrie Lam in the 2017 HK Chief Executive Election. Wong's reasoning is as follows: The nine leaders were prosecuted on 27 March 2017, right after Carrie Lam was elected HK Chief Executive on the preceding

美國國務院不滿佔中定罪及逃犯條例修訂US StateDept Blasts Occupy Central Conviction & Extradition Bill.By Chapman Chen

幾位香港市民一四年佔領中環運動期間,組織和平抗議活動,香港政府將其起訴定罪,美國國務院發言人 Morgan Ortagus 表示失望。美國擔心這項決定將限制或阻止香港市民行使根據聯合聲明所保障的基本自由。 香港必須尊重基本法所載,市民言論自由、和平集會權利。我們希望法院和法官能按照香港悠久的傳統,行使獨立公平司法。 美國和我們的合作夥伴亦正密切監察香港逃犯條例修訂案,該法案允許個人在共產黨當局的要求下轉交中國。美國國務院一八年中國人權報告中國法律制度侵犯人權,及法治普遍惡化。 香港民間社團組織和私營機構協會,包括香港大律師公會、香港美國商會及其他商業團體,均表示反對修訂案。 唯有不同政治觀點得到尊重,並得以自由表達,社會整體利益方得最佳保障。 一國兩制框架不斷受到蠶食,香港在國際事務的長期特殊地位危矣。 #StateDept #Umbrellamovement #occupycentral

香港教徒受難日?HK Christians Suffering? 文: Benedict Rogers;譯:曾焯文Chapman Chen

英倫人權組織香港監察主席羅傑斯在天主教報Catholic Herald撰文:時值復活節,香港基督徒正記念耶穌基督受難升天。然而,香港基督徒本身可能有排受。事關九七以來,香港一國兩制日漸變一國一制半(英國外交事務委員會最近話)。唯一未受影響的係宗教自由,但香港不少教會領袖叫信徒勿參加民主運動; 公教教研中心總幹事徐錦堯神父譴責美國基督教霸權,並將中國摧毀十字架歸咎於我們的原罪--對抗中共。而正如林淳軒在紐約時報撰文指出,香港不少教會少年營淪為中共洗腦宮。更甚者中梵建交後香港教會恐納入中國三自教會體系! 香港自由自治受侵蝕例子包括:佔中九子面臨入獄;引渡條例國歌法即將出爐;民選議員遭DQ;外國記者被逐;羅傑斯本人被拒入境;一地兩檢;銅鑼灣書店被擄等等。 原文: Benedict Rogers, "The ex-colony’s Christians enjoy religious freedom. But for how much longer?" Catholic Herald (Apr 18, 2019) Pic credit: St. Jo

Still Human-a Hong Kong Movie Heartening Downtrodden HKers to Keep their Dream. By Chapman Chen

Summary: The 3- awards-winning Hong Kong Cantonese movie, Still Human淪落人 (lit. frustrated ones), seems to encourage Hongkongers to keep up their dream of self-reliance & democracy despite brutal colonization by China. The paralyzed hero therein may also symbolize the male lead Anthony Wong himself, a great actor who has been boycotted in China & shunned by most HK film companies for supporting the Umbrella Movement. This film is the first made-in-HongKong movie centered aroun

港美牧師波蘭電視論佔中九子,港共本質(曾焯文報)Pastor Bob Kraft on Communist HK Govt & Occupy Trial Verdict.By Chapman Chen

香港美國牧師卜嘉夫Pastor Bob Kraft今晚(四月十五 日)接受波蘭電視台 Idź Pod Prąd TV 訪問有關佔中九子定罪之事。卜牧師話參加雨傘革命的香港人達百萬之眾,但當局只是檢控其中九位名人,分明選擇性執法,殺雞儆猴。九子其中一些或要坐監,刑期可由兩年到七年不等。叫香港政府做港共,皆因香港如今直接由北京全面管治;中共在香港駐有解放軍;而香港司法部要向北京人大負責。牧師勸波蘭勿受中國利誘,而與其打交道,否則會付出重大代價,「香港有版你睇!」節目主持人表示會幫香港祈禱。 據卜牧師所見,九子只係擔任調停中介角色,從來無任何暴力行為,反而常表示威人士要和平理性非暴力非粗口,叫他們快些回家。卜牧師認為朱耀明牧師定罪後的陳詞感人肺腑,屬於神的安排。 波蘭電視台主持人問到波蘭應否與中共打交道,賺中國錢?卜牧師回答無咁大隻蛤乸隨街跳。波蘭會因此而付出重大代價,譬如中共會請波蘭學童去中國留學,乘機洗腦灌輸共產思想,要他們鬥爭父母。又譬如中共會大量貸款畀波蘭,表面幫波蘭起基建,實際乘機買起波瀾企業,控制波蘭糧食入口,炒貴波蘭地價樓價,令到波蘭人

Romans 13:1 Abused by Pro-CCP Hong Kong Pastor to Censure Occupy Leaders (Chapman Chen)

Romans 13: 1 is perhaps the single biblical line most often distorted by people with ulterior motives to brainwash Christians into submitting to tyranny. 9 pan-democracy leaders were found on April 9 found guilty over their role in Hong Kong's 2014 Umbrella Movement. Back in 2013, Rev. Daniel Ng Chun-man, Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of China, Kong Fuk Church, Hong Kong, already invoked Romans 13: 1 and called upon HK believers to "be subject to the governing author

英國會:佔中裁決反人權;外交部:兩制不次於一國UK MPs: Occupy Trial Verdict Contravenes Basic Human Rights (Chapman Chen曾焯文)

四月十日,英國國會辯論香港雨傘運動判決、法治及聯合聲明現狀,辯論由自由民主黨議員Alistair Carmichael召集。Carmichael道:「起訴雨傘運動九位領袖及其定罪政府令人震驚,乃係中國一系列侵犯人權行為的最新情況。 如此使用刑事司法系統和公安條例罪名等於濫用和受國際保護的基本人權......」英國外交及聯邦事務部國務大臣田銘祺Mark Field答: 「裁決如果妨礙未來的合法抗議或令香港公民不敢參與政治活動,就真教人深切憂慮。」保守黨人權委員會主席Fiona Bruce:「香港新引渡法會根本破壞香港自治。」田銘祺:「我們必須教中國深感,只有確保聯合聲明所載的兩制和一國同樣重要,香港獨特性質才能妥善保持......香港普通法體系或可靠於上海及中國其他地方。」「我們必須教中國深感,只有們確保聯合聲明所載的兩制和一國同樣重要,香港獨特性質才能妥善保持......香港普通法體系或可靠於上海及中國其他地方。」 新引渡法根本破壞香港自治 保守黨人權委員會主席Fiona Bruce菲奧娜布魯斯議員問:國務大臣是否同意香港提出的新引渡法,可導致政

彭定康及德國人權委員會譴責佔中裁決Patten & German Human Rights Committee Condemn Occupy Trial Verdict (Chapman Chen)

彭定康稱佔中裁決乃「令人震驚的撕裂行為」,德國人權委員會成員亦譴責審訊打壓言論自由。本年四月九日,佔領中環運動九名領袖被裁定一系列罪名、包括煽惑公眾妨擾,煽惑他人妨擾公眾、串謀妨擾公眾。 英國末任港督彭定康回應裁決道: 「大多數人本以為港府目標應是團結成個社會,誰料港府用不合時宜的普通法罪名,秋後算帳一四年發生的政治事件,撕裂社會,令人震驚。」 彭定康的言論得到德國人權人道援助委員會成員響應。 委員會主席Gyde Jensen道: 「人權抗爭者和民主派領袖在香港的風險越來越大,令人震驚者。我們不能接受抗議者行使言論自由、和平示威時受到恐嚇。」 委員會CDU成員兼委員會言論自由報告員Martin Patzelt道: 「我譴責用過時惡法對付民主價值原則的支持者。聯合國人權委員會經嚴厲批評此等惡法限制言論自由。身為新聞言論自由報告員,我強烈相信言論自由是需要保護的重要資產。如此打壓示威自由,實在損害香港積極發展。」 「我呼籲中國履行承諾,保持香港高度自治,包括司法獨立、新聞和言論自由。因此,我要求中國即刻停止香港政府的政治檢控,並要求國際社會支持香港雨

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