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Is Deadly Wuhan Virus a Tool to Exterminate Hongkongers or a Scheme to End China? By Chapman Chen

The outbreak of a mystery new viral pneumonia in Wuhan may be either a genocidal biological weapon created by China to exterminate Hongkongers, or a tool employed by God to smite China the red dragon and free Hong Kong, or a trick used by Xi Jinping's rivals to overthrow him, or a scheme designed by the USA to put an end to China, the biggest threat to America. Wuhan Virus Taken Seriously by HK Hong Kong launched a new response mechanism for infectious diseases on Jan. 4, set

聖經預言:二零二零,三戰爆發,中國滅亡!By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews

《聖經》啟示錄、以西結書等書預言中國二零二零年發動第三次世界大戰,結果一敗塗地,徹底滅亡。 敵基督習近平 "The Anti-Christ President Xi Jinping" 〔敵基督國家主席習近平〕的猶太希伯來字母代碼正是2020;"President Xi Jinping” 的英文希伯來字母代碼為666--敵基督印記(啟示錄十三:十六至十八)。為實現基督再來,擊殺敵基督的預言,特朗普總統一七年十二月六日承認耶路撒冷為以色列首都。 瑪各、契丹起東風 瑪各〔中國〕將與米設〔莫斯科〕、波斯〔伊朗〕、埃塞俄比亞及利比亞結盟,進攻以色列,以色列代表美國領導的自由基督教世界(以西結書三十八:二至十二)。為雄霸天下,基提/契丹/ Cathay /中國(註一)建立全球經濟鏈,蠶食推羅代表的西方國家(以賽亞書廿三:一至四)。何西阿書亦曾警告美國/以色列不要追「東風」(十二:一),以免「東風帶來刀劍」(十: 十;十三:十五至十六)。美國退休將軍羅拔·史伯丁(Robert Spalding 2019)甚至認為,中國全方位滲透美國,已在美國境內發動第三次世界

Bible Foretells 2020 WWIII & Fall of China. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: The Holy Bible, e.g. Ezekiel, Revelation, prophesizes that China is bound to start WWIII and gets destroyed, probably in the year of 2020. The Jewish Gematria value of "The Anti-Christ President Xi Jinping" is exactly 2020. To fulfill the prophecy of the Second Coming, President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Dec. 6, 2017. Magog [China] shall ally with Meshech [Moscow], Persia [Iran], Ethiopia and Libya, and attack Israel, which represents t



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