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Outlook for 2020: Wuhan-Coronavirus-caused Fall of China, Financial Tsunami & Bitcoin Soar

In this coming year of the rat 2020, Wuhan novel coronavirus probably will lay waste to China by wiping out a major portion of its population. Red China is so against humanity that it is akin to Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis, which were doomed to be destroyed by God. On top of this, when China fails to comply with the terms of US-China Phase I Trade Deal in April, President Donald Trump will adopt drastic measures to punish China, e.g. increasing tariffs on all China goods to

ProCCP HK AnglicanChurch Archbp Paul Kwong at Xmas Blames HK Victims of Communism & Twists Immanuel!

Summary: Hong Kong Anglican Church Archbishop Paul Kwong, member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, in his X'mas message, blames Hong Kong dissidents, who are victims of China genocide, for socio-familial cleavages and instability. Invoking "Immanuel"/"God with us", Kwong urges Hong Kong activists to reconcile themselves with God and the govt. Yet Jesus himself told us that he did not "come to give peace on earth", but to bring "division"(Luke 12: 51-

啟示錄中國東方君王取道中巴高速公路敵基督(曾焯文)China as Kings of the East in Revelation (Chapman Chen)

中國位於以色列聖地以東,乃係啟示錄中「來自東方的君王」[啟十六: 十二];中國亦係啟示錄第十二章中的大紅龍,撒旦化身。事關紅色是共產中國的代表顏色,而中國圖騰為龍,曾造成七千幾萬人死亡,目前囚禁二百萬維吾爾人在集中營,並且滲透世上每個國家。 中國建造的一帶一路,又或喀喇崑崙公路,直通巴基斯坦、伊朗、敘利亞等中東國家,實現啟示錄預言:東方君王「將徵集二億士兵軍隊」[啟九:十四至十六]!。 如此龐大的軍隊只有中國才夠人組成。 地上諸王和那獸在中東阿麥吉頓聚集,最終目的是要大戰「坐在馬背上的那位〔耶穌基督〕,及其軍隊[啟十九:十九]。 「他們敬拜那將大能給予獸的龍。他們敬拜那獸道:誰能像這獸?誰能與他作戰?[啟十三:四]。然而,那獸及假先知必會「被基督夾生」投入硫磺火湖中“[啟十九:二十]。紅龍注定要被天使投入「無底深淵」。

China as "Kings of the East" in Revelation Taking Karakoram Highway (Chapman Chen)

China is identified in the Book of Revelation as "the kings from the East" [Rev.16:12], being East of the Holy Land, Israel. As the symbolic color of Communist China is red, its totem animal dragon, and as it has caused more than 70 million deaths and is currently holding 2 million Uyghurs in concentration camps as well as infiltrating every country in the world, China is also the Red Dragon in Rev. 12, an incarnation of Satan. The One Belt One Road, or The Karakoram Highway



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