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聖經預言:二零二零,三戰爆發,中國滅亡!By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews

《聖經》啟示錄、以西結書等書預言中國二零二零年發動第三次世界大戰,結果一敗塗地,徹底滅亡。 敵基督習近平 "The Anti-Christ President Xi Jinping" 〔敵基督國家主席習近平〕的猶太希伯來字母代碼正是2020;"President Xi Jinping” 的英文希伯來字母代碼為666--敵基督印記(啟示錄十三:十六至十八)。為實現基督再來,擊殺敵基督的預言,特朗普總統一七年十二月六日承認耶路撒冷為以色列首都。 瑪各、契丹起東風 瑪各〔中國〕將與米設〔莫斯科〕、波斯〔伊朗〕、埃塞俄比亞及利比亞結盟,進攻以色列,以色列代表美國領導的自由基督教世界(以西結書三十八:二至十二)。為雄霸天下,基提/契丹/ Cathay /中國(註一)建立全球經濟鏈,蠶食推羅代表的西方國家(以賽亞書廿三:一至四)。何西阿書亦曾警告美國/以色列不要追「東風」(十二:一),以免「東風帶來刀劍」(十: 十;十三:十五至十六)。美國退休將軍羅拔·史伯丁(Robert Spalding 2019)甚至認為,中國全方位滲透美國,已在美國境內發動第三次世界

Bible Foretells 2020 WWIII & Fall of China. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: The Holy Bible, e.g. Ezekiel, Revelation, prophesizes that China is bound to start WWIII and gets destroyed, probably in the year of 2020. The Jewish Gematria value of "The Anti-Christ President Xi Jinping" is exactly 2020. To fulfill the prophecy of the Second Coming, President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Dec. 6, 2017. Magog [China] shall ally with Meshech [Moscow], Persia [Iran], Ethiopia and Libya, and attack Israel, which represents t

ProCCP HK AnglicanChurch Archbp Paul Kwong at Xmas Blames HK Victims of Communism & Twists Immanuel!

Summary: Hong Kong Anglican Church Archbishop Paul Kwong, member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, in his X'mas message, blames Hong Kong dissidents, who are victims of China genocide, for socio-familial cleavages and instability. Invoking "Immanuel"/"God with us", Kwong urges Hong Kong activists to reconcile themselves with God and the govt. Yet Jesus himself told us that he did not "come to give peace on earth", but to bring "division"(Luke 12: 51-

Pro-CCP HK BaptistChurch Pastor KONG江山偉Likens HK Activists to Israelites who Wanted Jesus Crucified

In his 2019-11-24 sermon, Hong Kong Baptist Church (Caine Road) Pastor in-charge Kong Shan-wai stresses that just because most Hongkongers now share a common [political] stance like the Israelites who wanted Jesus crucified, doesn't mean it matches God's intention. Citing Deuteronomy 32: 35 KJV and Romans 12:19 KJV, "Avenge not yourselves... for... Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord", Kong warns Hong Kong activists against emulating the Endgame Avengers and physi



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