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US BioWeapons Act Drafter Warns a/st Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccines. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday said the vaccines to the novel coronavirus could be available in 18 months. But Dr. Francis Boyle, drafter of the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 cum professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said on Jan 30 that he would not be taking any of these vaccines for "you'll be the Guinea pig for big pharma and everyone figures they’re gonna make a lot of money here" (1). Numerous medical experts sha

Four Plague-Angels to Kill 1/3 of China-People acc. Revelation 四大瘟神勢滅中華(啟示錄曾預告)!By Chapman Chen

Summary: One-third of China's population will be wiped out by four fallen angels in the form of Wuhan novel coronavirus (NCP), H5N1 bird flu, African swine flu and bubonic plague according to Revelation and Ezekiel. "Loose the four angels...bound in the great river Euphrates...prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men (Revelation 9:14-15). Below it will be shown that "the third of men" is probably pertinent to China, which God

Bitcoin Hits $10K! Too Late to Buy Now? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Bitcoin hit USD10k this noon (Feb 9); is it too late to go on board now? In retrospect, between June and July last year, the reason why bitcoin rose to USD12k was because China Ponzi Scheme threw in 2 billion US and artificially pushed up bitcoin. Contrastively, this time's rise is after four months' fermenting; it is an anticipation of the halvening event in May. So the growth is pretty healthy and steady. It is expected that bitcoin will continue to rise though there may be

比特幣突破一萬美元大關! 應否上車?By 曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews

比特幣今午(二月九 )升破一萬美元一個。如今上車會否太遲?回想舊年六、七月 比特幣升到萬二美元,乃係由於龐氏騙局注入二十億美元, 人為炒高所致,所以之後大跌。 反之,今次攀升,乃是經過四個月醞釀,循序漸進;基於五月份區塊獎賞(掘礦獎勵)將減半(halvening)利好因素, 供求關係,而自然升高,非常穩健。 預期比特幣會一路向上, 間中或有些微回落, 但底線係八、九千美元。五月後一年內,可增多倍, 正如一六年及一二年區塊獎賞減半後一年。 同時,武漢肺炎病毒發生以來, 比特幣與黃金齊升,證明世人認同比特幣可以保值。 武漢肺炎病毒死亡數字,幾何級數上升,必然令中國經濟徹底崩潰,全球金融海嘯,各國法定貨幣大幅貶值,比特幣一定號令天下, 升到阿媽都唔認得。 如今入貨上車會否太遲?回想一六年七月,比特幣為六百美元一個,區塊獎賞減半後半年,即是一七年一月, 比特幣升到一千美金一個,當時好多人 覺得太貴,不敢上車,如今大概後悔莫及了。 Disclaimer! This post does not provide financial advice. It is

Side Effects of Drugs Currently used to Treat Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (NCP). By Chapman Chen

Hong Kong infectious disease doctor Joseph Tsang Kay-yan recently told Appledaily that no treated patients have suffered from avascular necrosis (AVN) 骨枯 like SARS patients in 2003 because they have been treated with ribavirin, interferon and protease inhibitors instead of corticosteroid, which was lavishly employed by Hong Kong and China physicians during the 2003 SARS outbreak. But Dr. Tsang omitted the multiple serious adverse effects of the three drugs concerned, many of

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