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CCP had Umbrella Movement Leaders Jailed 'cause they Supported John Tsang in 2017 HK Mayor Election?

By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News 4 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leaders were recently sent to jail for their involvement in the campaign. HK law expert Wong On-yin suspects that this might be a Beijing retaliation for the HK pan-democrats supporting John Tsang rather than Carrie Lam in the 2017 HK Chief Executive Election. Wong's reasoning is as follows: The nine leaders were prosecuted on 27 March 2017, right after Carrie Lam was elected HK Chief Executive on the preceding

HK Senior Pastor Daniel Ng Censures US Democracy & Tells HK People to be Content. By Chapman Chen

Retired Hong Kong Senior Pastor Rev. Daniel NG Chung-man: Even USA has no real democracy for US President is NOT elected by 1 person 1 vote. So Hongkongers should be content. HK ripped rooms are already better than Philippine garbage hills (Academic Conference on How to Mold the Future of HK Churches, organized by Bible Alliance Seminary,12 Apr 2019). Rev. Ng is from Evangelical Free Church of China Kong Fok Church, Hong Kong. #chineseespionage #Hongkongreligiousfreedom #eva

淨空法師: 愛因斯坦沉地獄 菩薩再來習近平(香江日報曾焯文報導)

淨空法師: 愛因斯坦沉地獄 菩薩再來習近平 (香江新聞曾焯文報導) Rev. Chin Kung: Einstein is rotting in Hell; Xi Jinping is Bodhisattva! (Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News) 資料來源: #淨空 #愛因斯坦 #習近平 #曾焯文 #chineseespionage #maga #donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #chapmanchen #chinkung #Buddhism #hongkongreligion #佛教

Communist China Netizens Celebrating Notre Dame Burning Down as Karma for The Old Summer Palace's De

While the whole world is mourning the tragic burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a number of Communist China netizens celebrate it as karma for the Anglo-French expedition force's setting fire to The Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) during the 1860 Second Opium War. Actually, the British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, ordered the destruction of The Summer Palace because British envoy Harry Parkes had been imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for refusing

中國企圖控制美國衛星CCP Trying to Own USA Satellites (Chapman Chen 曾焯文reports)

美國一班保守派領袖促請聯邦通信委員會(FCC),切勿批准一班衛星運營商自行出售C-band頻譜空間,事關即將推出的5G技術營運。其實,其中一間衛星運營商有中資背景。美國保守派非謀利團體Turning Point USA主席Charlie Kirk認為此舉會令美國最大敵人中共控制美國衛星,監視美國人一舉一動;Kirk建議公開拍賣頻譜空間,為美國財政部及納稅人賺多幾十億美金,同時保障國安。 聯邦通信委員會計劃釋放3.7 GHz至4.2 GHz頻段(通常稱為C頻段),以便美國提供快捷可靠的互聯網容量。 何謂C-band頻譜? C-band頻譜是大氣空間,5G技術在美國和全世界實施時將用到, 好似 AM或FM無線電頻率空間。C波段頻譜有限,但美國政府在六十年代已將美國大部分頻率免費判畀四間公司:Intelsat,Eutelsat,SES,Telesat。 四大集團瓜分美國人頻譜利益 這四間公司正組成C頻聯盟C-Band Alliance(CBA),唯一使命是說服美國聯邦通信委員會允許他們(CBA)私下出售C波段頻譜,獲利達幾十億,甚至幾百億美元,本屬美國

Will HK Separatists & Western Reporters Covering them be Extradited to China?By Chapman Chen

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam publicized her report on the Hong Kong National Party to Beijing yesterday, which cites the Security Secretary's reasons for banning the pro-independence party, including that it allegedly propagated hatred toward Mainland people and advocated their extinction on Hong Kong soil. Meanwhile, the offense 'Incitement to commit genocide' in the Fugitive Offender Ordinance is mistranslated as "incitement to commit ethnic-cleansing" in the Chines

RSF Dir. Won't Recommend Western Reporters to Stop Covering HK Independence.By Chapman Chen

Cédric Alviani, director of East-Asia Bureau of RSF, in answering Chapman Chen's question today, replied that he disapproves of self-censorship of any kind, including that on HK separatism, despite the HK extradition law amendment recently proposed and the extra-territorial effect of China law. "Genuine rule of law should have no floating red line." He called upon HK residents to oppose the extradition law amendment, which, if passed, will pose a permanent threat to every jou

With no proof,RSF Dir. Alviani accuses Trump of inciting violence against journalists.By ChapmanChen

On Apr 18, Reporters without Borders (RSF) held a press conference at the Hong Kong Legislative Council to announce the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Cédric Alviani, director of East-Asia Bureau of RSF, seized the opportunity to blame President Donald Trump, without giving any evidence, for inciting violence against journalists, including the murder of Khashoggi. "Democracy is giving up itself," asserted Alviani, " Like the Philippine President, US President Trump insults a

特朗普復活節祝福辭(曾焯文譯)Potus Trump's Easter & Passover Greetings (Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

各位美國同胞 ,每年這神聖時候,全國各地的家庭在家中,教會和猶太聖堂聚首,燃點蠟燭,讚美上帝。在神聖的逾越節,世界各地猶太家庭感謝上帝,解放猶太人,免除埃及的枷鎖,並送他們到應許之地以色列(編按:願主亦解求香江)。 我們基督徒則記得上帝獨生子受難受死,第三日光榮復活。在復活節的星期天,我們高興宣布:「基督經已復活。」這兩個神聖的節日都提醒我們,上帝的愛會拯救世界。大約三千年前,先知以賽亞寫道:「黑暗籠罩大地......但主顯現照耀你,主的榮耀降臨你身上。」皆因主必成為你永恆的真光。在美國,我們仰望上帝的光引導我們的腳步。我們相信全能上主的智慧和力量,我們讚美天父,恩賜我們自由永生。恭祝逾越節快樂,復活節快樂,多謝,主佑各位;主佑美國! 編按:不少歐美網民覺得巴黎聖母院大火在復活節前夕發生,事不尋常,思疑乃伊斯蘭激端組織所為(雖然法國警方表示係意外),尤其有伊斯蘭教徒在現場及網上幸災樂禍。Alice Weidel德國右翼反對黨Alternative for Germany領袖就暗示巴黎聖母院大火與之前法國的反基督徒襲擊有關。 #Easter #Pa

Still Human-a Hong Kong Movie Heartening Downtrodden HKers to Keep their Dream. By Chapman Chen

Summary: The 3- awards-winning Hong Kong Cantonese movie, Still Human淪落人 (lit. frustrated ones), seems to encourage Hongkongers to keep up their dream of self-reliance & democracy despite brutal colonization by China. The paralyzed hero therein may also symbolize the male lead Anthony Wong himself, a great actor who has been boycotted in China & shunned by most HK film companies for supporting the Umbrella Movement. This film is the first made-in-HongKong movie centered aroun

啟示錄中國東方君王取道中巴高速公路敵基督(曾焯文)China as Kings of the East in Revelation (Chapman Chen)

中國位於以色列聖地以東,乃係啟示錄中「來自東方的君王」[啟十六: 十二];中國亦係啟示錄第十二章中的大紅龍,撒旦化身。事關紅色是共產中國的代表顏色,而中國圖騰為龍,曾造成七千幾萬人死亡,目前囚禁二百萬維吾爾人在集中營,並且滲透世上每個國家。 中國建造的一帶一路,又或喀喇崑崙公路,直通巴基斯坦、伊朗、敘利亞等中東國家,實現啟示錄預言:東方君王「將徵集二億士兵軍隊」[啟九:十四至十六]!。 如此龐大的軍隊只有中國才夠人組成。 地上諸王和那獸在中東阿麥吉頓聚集,最終目的是要大戰「坐在馬背上的那位〔耶穌基督〕,及其軍隊[啟十九:十九]。 「他們敬拜那將大能給予獸的龍。他們敬拜那獸道:誰能像這獸?誰能與他作戰?[啟十三:四]。然而,那獸及假先知必會「被基督夾生」投入硫磺火湖中“[啟十九:二十]。紅龍注定要被天使投入「無底深淵」。

China as "Kings of the East" in Revelation Taking Karakoram Highway (Chapman Chen)

China is identified in the Book of Revelation as "the kings from the East" [Rev.16:12], being East of the Holy Land, Israel. As the symbolic color of Communist China is red, its totem animal dragon, and as it has caused more than 70 million deaths and is currently holding 2 million Uyghurs in concentration camps as well as infiltrating every country in the world, China is also the Red Dragon in Rev. 12, an incarnation of Satan. The One Belt One Road, or The Karakoram Highway

Dr. Tong Yan-kai: We always love the State; China'll Surpass USA in 10 yrs! (by Chapman Chen)

"In 10 years' time, China will overtake America & become the greatest country in the world. It is most safe and most happy to be Chinese today " claimed Hong Kong Confucian Academy President, Dr. TONG Yan Kai (#TangEnjia) in 2018. "HK Confucianism has always been loving the State...... We have never made any negative impact on the CCP," asserted Dr. Tong in 2009. It is surprising that a believer in Confucianism would utter such flattering words to a regime which has caused t

突發!維基解密阿桑奇倫敦被捕! Grey-haired Assange Arrested in London! (Chapman Chen曾焯文reports)

維基解密聯合創辦人朱利安阿桑奇Julian Assange,在厄瓜多爾撤回庇護後,週四在厄瓜多爾駐倫敦大使館被捕,從CNN影片可見阿桑奇由原本英俊瀟洒變得滿頭白髮,形容憔悴,英雄末路,猶自不斷掙扎。據聞阿桑奇健康欠佳。 今年一月阿桑奇公開否認曾與特朗普競選人員聯絡,嚴厲譴責深層國家#DeepState和左膠傳媒老作特朗普、阿桑奇通俄門。舊年八月親特朗普網媒infowars發起聯署,向美國總統請願,求特赦阿桑奇,事關維基解密揭希拉利疑似通俄通中電郵,對希拉利不利,對特朗普反而無害。 英國內政大臣Sajid Javid 推文證實阿桑奇現正被英國警方拘留。據英國廣播公司報導,四十七歲的阿桑奇已在大使館住了七年,當年瑞典因性侵犯指控而試圖引渡他。 該案早已撤銷,但阿桑奇仍留在大使館,以免被人引渡到美國或其他國家受審。 #HongKongBilingualNews #JulianAssange #infowars #DonaldTrump #MAGA #ChapmanChen #MakeAmericaGreatAgain



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