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On the Centennial of the May Fourth Movement. By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News

Today is the centennial of the May Fourth Movement. The picture shows the grave of former Peking University President Tsai Yuan-pei. The Movement's merit is its valorous, anti-establishment spirit. 100 years ago, Peking U students beat up treacherous government officials and even set fire to their residence. After their arrest, they were bailed out by President Tsai Yuan-pei. Today no one dare to condemn these students for being violent and irrational, while the authorities l

Dr. Tong Yan-kai: We always love the State; China'll Surpass USA in 10 yrs! (by Chapman Chen)

"In 10 years' time, China will overtake America & become the greatest country in the world. It is most safe and most happy to be Chinese today " claimed Hong Kong Confucian Academy President, Dr. TONG Yan Kai (#TangEnjia) in 2018. "HK Confucianism has always been loving the State...... We have never made any negative impact on the CCP," asserted Dr. Tong in 2009. It is surprising that a believer in Confucianism would utter such flattering words to a regime which has caused t



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