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Director of HK Divinity Sch:U could be Extradited to China for Sending Bibles there!By Chapman Chen

Prof. YING Fuk Tsang, Director of Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, who has been researching Chinese Christianity and contemporary China politics and religion for years, asserted in an exclusive interview with Appledaily that many cases in the past have shown that religious activities in Communist China have been repeatedly suppressed as non-religious crimes, including Hong Kong businessman Lai Kwong-keung's smuggling of bibles into China

CCP had Umbrella Movement Leaders Jailed 'cause they Supported John Tsang in 2017 HK Mayor Election?

By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News 4 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leaders were recently sent to jail for their involvement in the campaign. HK law expert Wong On-yin suspects that this might be a Beijing retaliation for the HK pan-democrats supporting John Tsang rather than Carrie Lam in the 2017 HK Chief Executive Election. Wong's reasoning is as follows: The nine leaders were prosecuted on 27 March 2017, right after Carrie Lam was elected HK Chief Executive on the preceding

Communist China Netizens Celebrating Notre Dame Burning Down as Karma for The Old Summer Palace's De

While the whole world is mourning the tragic burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a number of Communist China netizens celebrate it as karma for the Anglo-French expedition force's setting fire to The Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) during the 1860 Second Opium War. Actually, the British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, ordered the destruction of The Summer Palace because British envoy Harry Parkes had been imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for refusing



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