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VP Mike Pence Pls Note that a Revolution, NOT a Protest, is going on in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen

US Vice President Mike Pence, in his Oct 25 address at a Washington think tank, pledged to "stand with Hong Kong" but urged Hongkongers to "stay on the path of non-violent protest." Here is the deal. First, the VP may not be aware that a real revolution, like the American Revolution, instead of a protest, is going on in Hong Kong. As put by Senator Marco Rubio, "What began as a protest against an unjust extradition bill backed by China has now become a fight for Hong Kong’s

Naked Young Polish Man's Body & White Protester's Dubious Selfies蘭桂坊波蘭裸屍與抗爭白男自拍. By Chapman Chen

On Oct 23 some netizens began to circulate 2 "selfies" (Pic D & E) of a young white man called James checking in with the public, whom they claim is the young white man who, according to STP Media, was assaulted and arrested by the Hong Kong Police at 5:30 pm on Oct 20 at the junction between Lai Chi Kok Road and Poplar Street (Pic A & B). Many netizens suspect that he is the 25-year-old Polish man whose stark naked body was found lying in Lan Kwai Fong in Central at 2:58 am

美國參議員霍尼: 香港告急,美國為人為己須撐港!Sen. Josh Hawley Urges USA to Help Endangered Hong Kong. Trans. Chapman Chen

美國最後生參議員霍尼Josh Hawley十月廿三在參議院發言, 呼籲通過香港人權民主法及採取麥列斯基法,支持「熱愛自由的民族」,拯救香港,制裁中國。霍尼強調香港現正危如累卵,已變警察國家,中國壓扁香港後,就會入侵亞太區,甚至美國等自由國家,為人為己,美國必須幫香港。霍尼最近訪港,到過旺角,非常佩服港人以Be Water戰術上街,爭取中共自己承諾的自由人權,無懼克警殘暴鎮壓,勇毅不屈。霍尼又責成美國跨國公司,例如NBA、蘋果,面對中國威迫利誘,要顯示美國骨氣。最後,霍尼引John Quincy Adams總統(一八二一)的話:何處有美國價值飄揚,何處就有美國祝福!以下為霍尼演辭全譯本。 親見港人掙扎求存 今日,我們在安靜的房間安全聚集,必須謹記,遠方有個城市正掙扎求存,為人權及自由而戰,威權中國土地上一點燭光,亦即香港。 香港人的需求迫在眉睫,已到緊急關頭,美國採取行動此其時候也。 我知道,事關我去過香港,去過香港街頭,我見到抗爭者為捍衛基本人權而遊行,為基本自由而示威。 香港正變警察國家,美國無法獨善其身 我見到香港人面對殘暴警察鎮壓,我由是想

Polish Young Man's Naked Body Mysteriously Fell from Height波蘭青年屍體離奇墮樓!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At about 3 am on Oct 21, a 25-year-old foreign naked man was found lying opposite 6, Aberdeen Street in Central, according to Oriental Daily & Singtao Daily. He was suspected of having fallen from a height and was already in a coma when discovered. He was then rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital, where he was confirmed to die of grave injuries. After investigation, the police did not find any suicide note, but they confirmed that the deceased came to Hong Kong using a Polish passpor

美國獨立革命軍如何無槍起義?How did the Patriot Forces Get Armaments for American Revolution? By Chapman Chen

英國殖民北美洲期間, 控制大部分槍炮火藥。咁美國人又如何無槍起義呢?答案係靠搶。一七七五年英軍圍困波士頓,形勢危急。好在同年五月十號,數十位綠山民兵,由伊凡阿倫Ethan Allen及麻省班乃迪亞諾Benedict Arnold率領,晨曦過卓別靈湖,奇襲英軍軍火庫泰剛德路嘉堡(Ticonderoga Fort),獲得大量大砲槍械彈藥。一七七五年十一月,廿五歲士兵亨利諾斯Henry Knox,奉華盛頓之命,將大批重型軍火,由泰剛德路嘉堡帶返波士頓。一七七六年年三月美國革命軍利用批軍火,佔領多徹斯特高地Dorchester Heights,居高臨下,迫到英軍撤出波士頓。 Web link:

美國政論家歌雅話港人應爭獨立 Dr. Anders Corr thinks Hongkongers should Strive for Independence. By Chapman Chen

美國政論家安德斯.歌雅Anders Corr十月廿一在UCA News發文道:為了自己及全世界,香港人應爭取獨立,而不單止自治。事關中國施捨的自治並非真正自治, 而且不斷受到中國殖民換血,逐步蠶食,到了二零四七,香港更可能完全被中國吞噬。 不過,歌雅無講港人如何可爭取到獨立。歌雅,哈佛大學政府學博士,曾替美國軍方情報局工作,其餘論據如下: 為免刺激北京,香港老泛民、 台灣主流、甚至華盛頓特區維吾爾族流亡人士,皆避談獨立。 主流泛民的如意算盤乃係 一旦香港實行雙普選,中國就好難移除;民主可以加強香港自己統治, 甚至最終獨立。 然而, 時間並不站在香港這邊。 中國經濟及軍事力量不斷加強, 在某些情況, 甚至超越美國;在歐影響力,亦與日俱增。而香港正是中國的後門,用以偷美國科技、換美金、打入國際社會,滲透西方。 與此同時,美歐縱容中國錢踏人權。特朗普總統專注爭取有利貿易協議,少理中國地緣政治威脅,以及人權問題,包括香港( 編者按: 其實特朗普總統不止一次警告中國要人道對待香港人, 並強調香港屬於全世界)。 Source: https://www.uca

美國參議員Ted Cruz話:舐中共屎窟好樣衰!Sen. Ted Cruz: Kissing up to Chinese Commies is a Bad Look! Tr. Chapman Chen

談到NBA球星LeBron James譴責經理Daryl Morey撐港推文,美國德薩斯州參議員Ted Cruz話:「舐中共、獨裁者屎窟,幫殺人兇手講說話,好樣衰!」(Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews) Slamming NBA star LeBron James' repeated condemnation of Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweet, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas says, "kissing up to Chinese communists and tyrants and apologizing for murderers, that's not a good look." Source: TMZ Sports #tedcruz #LeBronJames #NBA #ChapmanChen #HKBNews #DarylMorey #ccp #chinazi #TMZ

Hong Kong Revolution Group (Team V) Claims Responsibility for Molotov Cocktail Attacks

A Team V (V小隊) claims responsibility for the early October vandalism of pro-CCP enterprises and Molotov cocktail attacks. It also announces that it will escalate its militant action to a gory level either this month or before the November District Council Election. In a long online Cantonese article, the team lays out its theory, strategy and tactics for an armed revolution. In this report, we will focus on the theory part. Team V thinks that it is impractical for Hongkongers

Gandhi is NOT a Libtard! 甘地並非左膠!Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews

While Mathama Gandhi did say, "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind", he also stressed, "I WOULD risk violence a thousand times rather than risk the emasculation of a whole race. I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence... I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honour than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor." 雖然甘地講過「以

Hong Kong Fits Gregory Stanton's 10-Stage-Genocide Model. 香港種族滅絕十級跳 By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: The human rights situation of Hong Kong ever since the HK Time Revolution was triggered by the Extradition Law in early June roughly fits the ten-stage-genocide model of Prof. Gregory Stanton, Founder of Genocide Watch cum former President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars. Apparently, China aims at eventually exterminating all true Hongkongers and replacing them with colonizing migrants from China. The 10 stages include classification (e.g. net c

坪洲「慶祝民國成立」Peng Chau "Celebrating" Anniversary of Republic of China. By曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews

十一之前,坪洲有閃光牌匾,寫住慶祝中華人民共和國成立。九月廿九深夜,有坪洲勇士打爛「中華人」「共和」等字,變成「慶祝民國成立」,創意十足。翌日方為當局發現拆去。Before Oct 1, the 70 anniversary of People's Republic of China (Nazi China), there was a lighting board opposite the Peng Chau Pier with the characters "Celebrate the Establishment of the People's Republic of China." On the night of Sept 29, someone smashed the characters including People's, creatively rendering the board into "Celebrate the Establishment of Republic of China [Taiwan]". Oct 10 is

抗爭者歡迎港鐵自毀設施Hong Kong Protesters Welcome MTR Co. to Sabotage its Own Facilities. By Chapman Chen

連登傳聞所有港鐵站被破壞的設施全部都是克警臥底做的,志在嫁禍抗爭者,然而,本報訪問過三十位抗爭者,他們都歡迎港鐵帶頭攬炒,串連克警自行打爛所有設施,最好長期封站,癱瘓交通,費事義士以身犯險,慳返好多功夫。再者,睇返相關新聞片,破壞港鐵設施的有大隻佬,亦有瘦弱少年,瘦弱少年大概並非克警。It is rumored that all vandalizations of Hong Kong MTR stations were done by police moles in order to frame up protesters. However, HKBNews has interviewed 30 protesters. They all welcome The MTR Corporation to collude with the police and break into pieces all their facilities as this will save a lot of efforts and risks on the part of

特朗普總統讚香港抗爭者親美標語勁正,精神偉大!Pres Donald Trump Praises Hong Kong Protesters for Pro-USA Signs & Spirit

特朗普總統周一新聞發佈會讚香港示威者舉美國旗及持親特朗普標誌如"Make Hong Kong Great Again"『重振香港』。特朗普總統話希望香港抗爭可「以非常人道的方法解決」。「香港有好多勁人。 他們在揮舞美國旗;甚至攜美國旗標誌;甚至有.... 『重振香港』的標語。」 「香港人的標牌勁正,他們對我國非常神往。好多美國旗、好多特朗普標語。我只想見到達成人道協議,我認為習主席有能力做到。」總統續道: 「其好有說服力,我認為只要他同香港一些抗爭領袖會面;這可能係個問題,香港抗爭似乎無特定領袖;但我的確認為他們可以做點甚麼。我們只想見到此事人道解決。」 之前CNN報導稱,特朗普總統應承習近平在貿易談判中,對香港抗爭保持沉默。今次新聞發佈會,特朗普總統明確否認,反而警告習近平要和平對待香港抗爭者。「萬一出了甚麼事,勢必嚴重影響談判!」 此外,總統對六一六二百萬香港人上街表示讚嘆。「我從未見過類似場面。」「我們講緊群眾規模,非同小可,對嗎? 如今群眾人數細了很多,或者在說明甚麼。」 Video:

美國政論家不覺要求港獨會令香港失去國際支持 Anders Corr Doesn't Think Independence Demand will Make HK Lose Intl Support

美國國家安全分析師安德斯‧哥雅博士Dr. Anders Corr十月七日推特貼文:我不認為要求香港獨立會令香港失去國際支持。 美、英大使館是否反對港獨?就算他們反港獨,都係為了盡量尋求和平解決方法。但這缺乏遠見。 對於那些熱愛民主的人,香港不獨根本並非治本方案,皆因中國會逐漸吞噬香港,又或者在二零四七一次過完全佔領,並利用香港對付自由世界;任何贏得的民主自由都將付諸東流。 台灣不獨已是失敗的主張,只因隨著中國實力增強,台灣逐漸失去全球盟友。 中國話台灣係不聽話的省,時常要出兵統一。台灣和香港都需要完全主權獨立,在聯合國獲得國際承認,以便在可預見的未來,保障民主自由。 安德斯‧哥雅博士Anders Corr,哈佛大學博士,曾在美國軍事情報機關工作超過五年。 (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports) Anders Corr (2019-10-7) tweets: "I don't think the demand for 'independence' will lose #HongKong international supp

Japanese Lady Attacked by Hong Kong Police to Turn it into an International Scandal! By Chapman Chen

A senior Japanese lady in yukata was pepper-sprayed in the eyes, forcefully knocked down, and walked over by a whole team of Hong Kong riot police outside City Plaza, Taikoo Shing, at 10:05 pm this evening (Oct. 3). Totally unarmed, she had done nothing apart from standing still on the street. She was then moved by a couple of young protesters to a park nearby, where they washed her eyes. "You had better retreat first, for you are living in a society where you will never be r

Japanese Lady Pepper-Sprayed & Knocked over by Hong Kong Police at Taikoo Shing. By Chapman Chen

Breaking! A lady in kimono was pepper-sprayed in the eyes, forcefully knocked down, and walked over by Hong Kong riot police outside City Plaza, Taikoo Shing, at 10:05 pm this evening (Oct. 3). Apparently, she lost consciousness on the spot. Totally unarmed, she had done nothing apart from standing still on the street. This evening, there have been arguments between the police and HK citizens inside Taikoo Shing MTR Station and City Plaza. Web LINK:

香港民憲草案的普通法及直接民主 On Draft Civil Charter of Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

撮要:九月三十晚有香港市民宣佈成立臨時議會,擬訂香港民憲草案,然而草案高舉普通法,殊不知普通法為不成文法,並非基於憲法,港共而今沿用的殖民地惡法,皆來自英國普通法! 草案又高舉直接民主,甚至連總統都可隨便公投罷免,容易變成暴民政治。草案第一條以自由為原則,雷同美國憲法,然並無美國憲法修正案第二條,即國民可合法持槍,以便推翻專制政府。草案除了強調行政立法兩院由國民普選,並無說明實際如何產生。香港真正自治自立,應廢普通法及基本法,以港人而非中國利益為本,全民借鑑真民主國家美國憲法,另製新憲,效法美國共和民主兩院制,然後基於新憲,另定一套成文法律。 普通法係英國殖民地主用來壓制民眾的工具 普通法為不成文法,並非基於憲法,港共而今沿用的殖民地惡法,如公安條例、非法集結、暴動游蕩、不反對通知書,俱來自英國普通法! 普通法根本係英國殖民地主用來壓制民眾的工具,尤其是受殖港人,而且可引用其他英聯邦國家案例,例如斯里蘭卡、牙買加,根本風俗文化完全不同,十分荒謬。普通法另一問題係法官判詞自動成為法律一部份,但法官並非聖人,更況聖人都有錯,一旦判錯寫錯,都會成為案例

禁蒙面法可化解乎? Can Anti-Mask Law be Overcome? By Chapman Chen曾焯文, HKBNews

據多家傳媒消息,行會周五召開特別會,擬引《緊急法》立「禁蒙面法」,對付示威者。民建聯立法會議員葛珮帆、連同警隊員佐級協會前主席陳祖光等今日宣布成立「禁蒙面法推動組」。日本郊區有間細公司,創辦人北川修可根據高清相片、三D面容數據,用樹脂塑膠,度身訂造仿真度極高面具,每個售日元三十萬(港幣二萬),叫價不菲 。(北川修在某印刷機製造廠工作時,度出這條橋。) 此外,美國概念畫家Leo Selvaggio根據自己面容,用三D打印技術,製造樹脂面具,包頭髮膚色肌理,相當迫真,不易惹人生疑,售價連運費包裝,約港幣二千。但只有一個樣,就係Selvaggio本人,如果好多人同時戴,一樣會被人識穿而被捕。 最平靚正的方法都係回歸傳統,濃妝艷抹,尤其是粵劇生、旦、淨、末、丑面譜,玩下手連阿媽都唔認得。禁蒙面法照計只禁戴面具,無禁化妝。(本文並非廣告) 北川修Osamu Kitagawa公司網頁: Leo Selvaggio公司網頁:

" President Donald Trump" Bashed Unconscious by Hong Kong Police! 香港特朗普被克警打殘!By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

During the 9.29 Global Anti-Totalitarianism March in Hong Kong, around 3 pm, a man donning a mask of US President Donald Trump was walking peacefully in Admiralty when he was suddenly caught up from behind by Hong Kong riot police, who knocked his head with shields, bashed him, choked his neck and pushed him down. He then lost consciousness, and was lifted up and carried away in a police vehicle. 九二九全球反極權大遊行期間,下午三點左右,一位男士,戴美國總統特朗普面具,在金鐘和平步行,突然被大批防暴警從後用盾牌大力撞低,拳打腳踢,棍毆叉頸,直至完全失去

Male Hong Kong Dissident Allegedly Sodomized by Police 男義士被克警輪流雞姦?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

In the Sept 27 Edinburgh Place gathering against police brutality, the M.C. read aloud a statement by a male survivor of the San Uk Ling Detention Centre. The man was arrested for rioting around the end of August. When he refused to unlock his cell phone, the police sprayed pepper into this eyes. Subsequently, he was taken to the detention center where, eyes blurred by pepper, he could still hear men screaming in agony. The police then took off his clothes, tied his limbs to



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