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Hong Kong Ed. Bureau Aims at Withering HK Cantonese;Send your Objection NOW! By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

The consultation period for Hong Kong Education Bureau's Chinese Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide will expire on Sept 16 (Mon.). It proposes to continue to promote teaching the Chinese subject in Putonghua in HK primary schools (P1-P3) in a school-based mode. Language not only expresses but also constructs identity (Bucholtz and Hall, 2005:35; David Evans, 2014). Adopting Putonghua as the medium of instruction in place of HK Cantonese will cost Hongkonger

曾焯文粵辭正典之記你老母 Chapman Chen: lou5mou5老母 (old mother)

lou5mou5老母 (old mother)。年老母親。香港警察六月十二晚在金鐘正義路驅散反送中示威者,商台片段顯示,商台記者採訪時多次表明身份,仍遭警員揮棍多次推撞,其中一名警員甚至喝道:「記你老母!」令大眾嘩然。粵語有粗言「屌你老母」,但老母本身並非穢語。「老母」一詞中原經典用了幾千年,諸多偉人,例如管仲、曹操、李白、朱熹都成日講「老母」,歷朝經典如《戰國策》、《史記》、《列女傳》、《西遊記》、《紅樓夢》都用不少。另一方面,雖然「老母」本身並非粗口,但觀乎上文下理,當時環境,「記你老母!」顯然有侮辱及恐嚇成份。 先秦例子:《史記•管晏列傳》吾嘗三戰三走,鮑叔不以我怯,知我有老母也。〔管仲表示:「我曾三次臨陣退縮,我老友鮑叔都不會話我係無膽匪類,皆認其知我有老母要養。」 唐詩例子:李白〈豫章行〉老母與子別,呼天野草間。 宋例:《朱子語類•尹彥明》:曰:「老母臨終時,令每日看此經一部,今不敢違老母之命。」 明朝小說:《封神演義》但我主公以衰末殘年,久羈羑里,情實可矜,況有倚閭老母,幼子孤臣,無不日夜懸思,希圖再睹,此亦仁人君子所共憐念者也。 清


duk1fui㧻魁(to tell on sb./to rat sb. out):俗寫篤灰,暗中㧻出指證罪魁禍首,類似告密、金手指、㧻背脊。光復最前線面書(二零一九年六月十七日):「不分化、不篤灰、不割蓆是今次反送中行動最高原則。由反送中遊行前,我們已經呼籲大家:照顧好自己,照顧好身邊的戰友。就算戰友做的事再不合你口味,篤灰、割蓆甚至對同路人動粗的行為都是前線死罪。」 《康熙字典·手部·八》㧻:《唐韻》《集韻》《韻會》《正韻》竹角切,音卓。擊也,推也。一曰擿也。《玉篇》刺木也。又《集韻》作木切,音鏃。《揚子·方言》鐫也。又都木切,音啄。擊聲。與𢽴𧰵同。通作椓。《釋名·釋飲食》:膊,迫也,薄㧻肉迫著物使燥也。《廣韻·斲》: 㧻:㧻擊也,推也。 今例:二零一六年農曆年初一,香港市民只係想照本土風俗,在旺角街邊,㧻(篤)下魚蛋,怎知被克警阻撓挑釁,結果引起警民衝突,導致日後百人被捕,三十幾人入冤獄。 #cantonese #hongkongcantonese #chapmanchen #hongkongculture #chinauncensore

Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho Proclaiming HK Identity at Oslo Freedom Forum. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At Oslo Freedom Forum on May 27, Hong Kong Singer cum LGBTQ activist Denise Ho proudly proclaimed the localist identity of Hongkongers in reviewing her experience of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement against the authoritarian Hong Kong and Beijing Governments. "On 2014-9-28......for the first time in our dictated history, we've finally come to our own definition of who we are. We're neither British nor Chinese; we're Hongkongers." She then sang a Hong Kong Cantonese song w

On the Centennial of the May Fourth Movement. By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News

Today is the centennial of the May Fourth Movement. The picture shows the grave of former Peking University President Tsai Yuan-pei. The Movement's merit is its valorous, anti-establishment spirit. 100 years ago, Peking U students beat up treacherous government officials and even set fire to their residence. After their arrest, they were bailed out by President Tsai Yuan-pei. Today no one dare to condemn these students for being violent and irrational, while the authorities l

Still Human-a Hong Kong Movie Heartening Downtrodden HKers to Keep their Dream. By Chapman Chen

Summary: The 3- awards-winning Hong Kong Cantonese movie, Still Human淪落人 (lit. frustrated ones), seems to encourage Hongkongers to keep up their dream of self-reliance & democracy despite brutal colonization by China. The paralyzed hero therein may also symbolize the male lead Anthony Wong himself, a great actor who has been boycotted in China & shunned by most HK film companies for supporting the Umbrella Movement. This film is the first made-in-HongKong movie centered aroun

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